Advice for New Players, or "All the things I wish someone had told me when I first started."


I was wondering how I can retrieve my original team? I know the alliance I was in And I’m still showing in it. But it is invite only. My email that was attached to my previous team was the activated somehow. Is there any way to retrieve this team again? And to let my alliance know that I’m trying to build a second one if I can’t retrieve my old 1? Thank you


Your account is linked to your Google account or your Apple ID. If you can log in to Google play or iTunes under that ID on a new device, you should be able to retrieve the account, and then update the email addresses under settings. The email address doesn’t have to be active for you to use it as a username

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Play 2 account with different situation gave me other experience and I’m happy to share it , in case it can help new player find the suit Alliance as a home.

Here we go, I have 2 account bassic on type , my main account is C2P until Medium* ( buy every reasonable offer of gem.) And 2nd account is very very very C2P just buy I offer $7 for change got a better heroes and never spent a peny after that.

1st acct is settle in very active alliance , means dedication and commitment needed , we have target, we like killing higger Titan for better loot and who doesn’t like Victory in WA.

2nd settle in some alliance, casual player who enjoy playing this game with other expectations. Once I ask , why you aren’t join in higher alliance since you have a very outstanding bench of heroes, they said nope, we like playing like this. Play when we like, hit Titan and War when we have time to do. We enjoy it. And yes gain achievement in their alliance like hit 1* titan and Win a war gave the same happinesses with my 1st acct.

So here is my conclusion :.

  1. No need to spend a lot of money just to find some fun in this game. You can enjoy every aspect in this game, that suit with your current level. Hard WA a d Titan for stronger one. Easier WA and Titan for newer player.

  2. Choose the alliance that suit with your type! Thats is a most important key for both side. Player and Alliance as well.

For casual player who have tight schedule or just playing for fun and do not want to much commitment and to much chat, choose Casual alliance and you will happy staying there.

For active player who have their own goal and like the competitive situations, you know where to go.

  1. For who always complain that you not get the heroes you want after some “crazy” pull with a lot of money, just remember you will never feel enough without grateful minded. Appreciate what you have, build every heroes and make them stronger , and self control to spend the money is the best way to keep your wallet and mentally healthy and happy.

For who always complain why the spender always gain all the luxery and winning every challenge, nope they dont win just by spending , have a good heroes is not just by pulling 5* but also hard working to build the team. And sure you know how suck the RNG can do with them. So they suffer enough to have that .

At the end , sorry for my poor English, but really wish we all can have fun with all we have or not haven’t yet . Cheers


Wrong place… missing comments I was responding to…


Great Advice. I am a noob to this game. But what I did learn is the green are killed by the red. The yellow killed by purple and vice versa and blue killed by green. And yes when hit the enemy color with same color you are just fueling thier fire…giving them free mana.

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Yeah, that doesn’t make sense. I think someone spent money and wasnt happy with what they got


How do you do you autoplay, I’ve bumped into the topic several times but nobody says how


Go to a lower province that you know you can easily beat. Hit the attack button and then hit the silver button on the top right. You can toggle it off and on if you like.

It’s wonderful for doing repeat missions like 8.7. Just remember to NOT use it unless you are very sure you can easily win!

Enjoy … without that auto fight button I’d easily lose my mind!

EDIT: and good for you for asking the question. If you don’t understand something, just ask!


It’s the one that looks like a fast forward icon


I was going to do a screenshot but I’m technically challenged. I was hoping someone would attach it.


Ask and you shall receive


Thanks so much to all of you, you saved me from insanity!


Can I please have the HOTM :grin:

EDIT: I think you just wanted to show off Mother North and Santa lol


Thanks, so helpful. I need to read over again to catch it all, but theres alot here I wanted to know.
How can my hero choose who to attack? I thought it was just the color of tiles ( which belongs to the hero you have in that color) matched to your hero doing the attacking.


When you are ready to use a special attack, tap on the enemy you want to target, then fire.

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My alliance had a “Bane Day” on 25th December. We all had his pic as Avatar :slight_smile:


If it is on screen at the time of attack you should be able to. I use them on levels I have beaten.