Advice for New Players, or "All the things I wish someone had told me when I first started."


I read every post in this thread, it’s super informative +I learnt a lot! Thank you everyone!..but I didn’t get my Reader badge…I know it’s a hollow achievement but I just spent an hour here +I want my shiny badge!! lolololol :sweat_smile::closed_book::green_book::blue_book::orange_book::joy:


Thanks for the input I’ve been playing for about 4 weeks spent to much money trying to level up I’m at level 21 didn’t know about leveling troops and got frustrated because I lost alot and kept buying epic coins


Thank you for this awesome info. I’m sorry I didn’t read this when I first started, months ago!
If you’re in an alliance & want to change to another will you lose anything you’ve worked so hard to gain?


@Aphrodite1 You will lose your participation in the alliance war chest, but nothing else. Best time to change is right after you open the chest.

If you’re looking for an alliance, we have one spot open. Search Magnificent Bastards


Thank you NPNKY, unfortunately, it’s my hubby, myself & 3 friends in this group but yesterday we learned that the rules set forth are for players in the alliance & the 5 friends that run the group, the rules don’t apply to them!! The convo became sarcastic to say the least so we are debating starting a new group but I appreciate your reply & offer. If anything changes, I’ll certainly look you up.


@Aphrodite1, check the threads in Alliance Recruitment for a merger…you might be able to find an alliance that suits your needs and has room for all of you.

If you’re lower level, we have room in Magnificent Jr Bastards, our second alliance, for all 5 of you. Hit me up on Discord at NPNKY#3674


You’re awesome! Thank you for your guidance. I’m not sure what “Discord” is or what you consider to be “lower level” but I’m level 26, hubby is 22 & the other 3 are somewhere around 13 & below as they haven’t played as long.

I started playing then 6 weeks later hubby thought he wanted to try… yada yada lol


You guys would fit perfectly in the juniors

Discord is a free chat app that we use for things that don’t work in game chat, like screenshots, links, and private messages


Oh awesome, that’s great! I’ll go check out the app & find you there. Thank you!


Como se desbloquea un heroe?


Thank you very much. This will definitely be helpful!


Excellent advice! I was recently promoted to leader of our team and I tell them the same. We also put a limit on inactivity to 15 days. To keep in fun for the people who want to play.


Thanks for a great thread - very informative! I’ve read it multiple times trying to understand it all. A couple of questions for you if I may:

  1. as a general strategy when starting out is it best to immediately use cards that are “better” (more stars) than current cards? Most posts here advise not to feed 1* or 2* cards. e.g., 1* red healer Sharan is level 20, skill level 6. Should I feed that card to a 2* red slasher Farid? Level Farid until I get a 3* red card, Then feed Farid to that new one and so forth? I understand that the skill mix of the team is a factor, e.g., losing a healer will mean I need more healing pots or I would add 2* yellow healer Sha Ji…

  2. How do you recommend to use leveling vs ascension? At lower levels acesension mats are plentiful, so should we just ascend whenever we can or is there some strategy to this?

  3. when do we start to build second or third teams? I’ve not yet read up on wars or raids too much, so I am fairly ignorant about that.


Thank you! I found this while Googling when I started playing months back! :smile:

I figured now would be the time to join the forum to learn more so I can keep on playing!

  1. I would advice on not to level your 1 and 2* at all. Start with feeding you Bane, presumably once you max him you have gotten more 3 or maybe even 4*, focus on those. For 5* is best to leave them be in the early game, they’re pretty heavy to level and are not really on uprgrade compared to 4* before the final ascension.
    You should not feed leveled heroes to other heroes until you have a proper war bench (30 heroes). At that point you can feed you leveled 1 and 2* away if you have any. Leveled 3* could be fed away at some point of the end game, that’s up to you, but for 4* you should never feed leveled ones away.

  2. Just ascend when you can.

  3. After your first team is maxed or facing an ascension wall.


Been using TC20 for over a month and all I got are 3* heroes. Got my 4* heroes on summons.


Oh my have I been playing this game wrong the whole time?! Why didn’t I find this forum sooner?! All the info on here is great! Thanks… totally makes more sense now :+1:t2: I just assumed you had to build everything up to the same level as your SH :woman_facepalming:t2: What a waste of time…
One newbie Q for you all… please don’t laugh when I write this :slight_smile: but the loot tickets and Atlantis coins how and where can we use them :see_no_evil::see_no_evil:


The loot tickets can be used to automatically win any level you have already completed, and get all the experience and rewards from it. You still need to use the same amount of world energy, but you don’t need to use battle items or risk losing.

Atlantis tokens can be used on the Atlantis summon gate. It opens up for 3 days every month at the same time as new Atlantis provinces open up. 100 saved tokens gets you a free Atlantis summon


Thank you soooo much :nerd_face::+1:t2:


Nice there dear. very apt. am so happy I discovered how to gather materials on my own when I joined. with a week, I’m already in level 16 with single 3*/4* and the rest 2*s… Still progress, Lolxxxxxx. Thanks dear