Advice for New Players, or "All the things I wish someone had told me when I first started."

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Derpatron are you saying that after level 10 you can create a barrack at any level? I know this is a old message but I hope you get it. Thanks, because I would need to contact support since I can’t build a barracks and a waiting for level 20 which I am close to.

John, do you have a free builder, or are they both busy upgrading other buildings?

Yes, and I swear there was a tutorial that walked you through this the first time you pressed convert, but I can’t prove that.

Is there a thread where common abbrevitations exist? That might be really helpful for new players to read and can help them grow.

Asking because I’m new and there are a lot of short hand terms that make learning this game harder.

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Try this: The E&P Jargon-Pulverising Fictionary (glossary, definitions, dictionary)


Thank you so much good person!

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I apologize if I missed it, but at what recommended level do your mines and farms have to be to reach SH20? I’m currently at SH17, I have 4 mines at 15, 6 farms at 10, 1 farm at 11, and 1 farm at 4.

Also, I’d like recommendations on how to proceed. I have TC13 and 2xTC4, and my roster is as follows:

I want to thank everyone in advance for their assistance and for putting together such a great thread. It has been nothing short of a godsend.

There will come a time when ascension mats will flood your inventory unless you want 70-90 max 5 stars. If you are here for the long game, avoid using rugged clothes and swords as they are not food efficient. You may also want to avoid paying gems to get these ascension mats.

I’ve been playing over 18 months and i have nothing like that to show. What level player are you? How much do you spend? I literally have just one maxed 5 star. I’m lucky to get a 3 star ascencion mat in every three Titan chests. War chests are comical.

Yeah; don’t touch those free youtube internet gem offers as that will get your account cancelled; spend money or gain them a few at a time; they are worth ~$0.07 each but better during offers. Enjoy within the rules and regs.

Thank you so much for all the helpful tips :slight_smile: I just started playing, and I am rather overwhelmed! It went from “just this app game I want to check out”, to hook me, and make me want to dive deeper into all of the aspects it has to offer. Much appreciated with the help along the way such as this post, thank you again!


twilight, there is no way. Do VIP, quests and MV, and that’s it. You can buy them cheaper at events.

If you are F2P (Free to Play, you don’t use real money), just do all Missions, Wanted Missions and Quests, some of them will give you gems. Also participate in events, Path of Valor, etc.

Prolly 33 months at the time those screenshots were taken. Do the grind and be efficient. 1st year in the game should give you at least a rainbow 5* team unless you don’t spend anything and are cursed at tc20.

Consider me officially cursed. I’ve done plenty of grinding and spending believe me and this forum is full of vitriolic threads and posts by me cursing SG; this last 6 months I have been drowned by Banes, Ulmers, Gunnars, Hawkmoons, Nashgars and the inevitable parade of Little johns and Elena, the 5 star Dawa.

So, when you start a new game, there is always the worry “am I doing something wrong?”. As I always get the same questions from friends starting this great game, I’ve made a short list of DO’s and DON’Ts when you start Empires & Puzzles. I thought it might be a good idea to share them here:


  1. your main focus when you start should be to get as many leveled 3* and 4* heroes (for war, raids, quests & titans). Do achieve this, focus your build order on getting your training camp to level 13 (guaranteed 3* hero, sometimes a 4*)

  2. join an Alliance (you can do this from level 5 onward). The main benefit is you can fight titans and get great loot! Try to join an alliance fighting 1* or 2* titans, so you can be helpful (higher titans will be too powerful when you just start)

  3. use a friends code to get a free VIP pass. You can enter the code via inbox --> invites. If you don’t have friend playing this game, you can use my code: U13ARE4

  4. you will get quite some gems, use the for 1 purpose at the start: buy heroes during 2 events: Valhalla & Atlantis Rising. There you have a change of heroes that will take you all the way to level 40 and beyond. For example, one of my first pulls was Wilbur (from Atlantis), and I still use now that I’m level 47

  5. For leveling heroes, focus on leveling 3* & 4* (5* will take way to long at an early level). Try to get 1 per color, so you can have a good raid team and take on most quests/missions


  1. Never level any 1* or 2* heroes! Once you are level 15 or so, you will never use them anymore! It is a full waste of time and resources

  2. on the other hand, don’t use any 3*/4*/5* hero to level another hero until you have the knowledge to be absolutely sure you don’t need that hero

  3. Don’t spend gems on speeding up buildings or replenishing resources, give it some time!

  4. If you want to spend money, don’t just spend it on any deal you see, be wise: the best value are the VIP passes, Path of Valor pass (this is a big event running for 2 months) and the daily gem buys in the shop (if you need more gems)

So, hopefully this is helpful and makes you steer away from pitfalls that I made (yes, I have a few fully leveled 2* heroes that I never use)!




When fighting an enemy one make a tile match but those tiles do not hit the other players heroes. They come back to you giving double mana.

The fast forward button located in the upper right hand corner of the tile match screen.

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