Advice for New Players, or "All the things I wish someone had told me when I first started."


@Rook would it be possible to put this thread as sticky? I think it really good condenses important stuff, and when newbie comes here, maybe it would help to see this first, before being smothered with hundreds of topics and lost in them?

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It is pinned for six months; players may generate an updated list by then. :slight_smile:


Huh? English please for us (me) newbies!


Common abbreviations.

SH = Stronghold. Your big castle thingy in the middle of your base.
TC = Training Camp. Where you produce your heros.

The numbers postfixed are a short hand for the level of a building.
SH15 = “Stronghold level 15”
TC11 = “Training camp level 11”


Definitions for many other common terms you’ll find in chat or here on the forum. Shout out to @JonahTheBard for putting this together


Thank ALL of you for every bit of this input. I’ll DEFINITELY be coming back to check out the info that was posted here. I simply like being able to make jumps instead of steps sometimes. But I also knew this was gonna take time. Just didn’t want a boring one like the last one I played XD

I'm stuck on who to level first please help!

To new players I think it is important to say:

If you identify a specific hero that you want, you can TRY to get them with a small number of summons.

But if you decide that you’re going to summon until you get them, you need to be prepared to spend a LARGE amount of money. Say in the neighborhood of MORE THAN $100 USD.

It could happen with fewer if you’re extremely lucky. But you need to be aware that if you want a specific hero, you’ll need to dish out a significant amount of money.

The game is fine for F2P players. And if your pockets are limitless you’ll be fine.

But if you’re in the middle, you should be prepared for a lot of frustration… to the point where I would honestly advise new players:

-Buy VIP until you get to Training Camp 20.

  • don’t spend another cent after that

Good luck


This was very helpful… thanks!

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If you are targeting a specific 4* hero, this estimate may be a little high. If you’re talking about a specific 5*, this estimate is low. Event 5* can come with one summons, but will probably take 100+ pulls.


How do you use the Atlantis tokens? I have 135 but there is no place to use them.


I bet them while playing poker with mermaids :stuck_out_tongue:

Atlantis summons are not always available but only for few days every month, next month you’ll be able to use them at S2 summoning portal.


Thank you!!
Question? Why when I summoned 4* troops they don’t show up on my defense?
Again thanks for those tips, do u mind if I ash questions from time to time, I’m a little confused at times.

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Hi, Jim547:

I thought they automatically assigned, but you can assign them from your Heroes area | Edit Team | then select the troop under the hero you wish to change.

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You have truly gained my respect! You are extremely articulate and expressive. The only question I have is the original question which is how do you attack at an angle.


What do you mean by attack at an angle?

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Is it best to power up 3 star hero’s with 2 and 1 Star? How can you do that and have enough hero’s to fight in the war? Should u try and fill up your hero list with 1 and 2 star hero’s?

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What does don’t feed away your fist bane mean?

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do not feed away bane:
= do not use him as food to level up other heroes

To avoid doing this by mistake:
click on bane in your hero roster
click on the lock in the top left corner
then close bane again, click on the x in the top right corner

  • now bane is in your favorites and cannot be accidentally fed to another hero

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