Advice for New Players, or "All the things I wish someone had told me when I first started."

The rare quests are every 7-10 days, and also give guaranteed nonfarmable ascension materials.


watch quests (ex Frostmarch) for 3* and 4* elemental ascension items. Also, it really helps if you are in a relatively full (24+ members) active (everyone hits titan daily) alliance that takes down at least 7-8* titans on a regular basis. Titans happen every day and at that level gives you daily chance at ascension items. Try to get B class loot by doing total damage at least 3.3% of titan health (multiply titan health x 0.033) or even C class loot (at least 1% of titan health)
Chainmail and boots become not much of an issue once you get into season 2 levels. You do not need to finish season 1 first.


what he said. Use what you have. Besides, not sure about op’s ideas of who is first priority etc.

never bad to level up sh, especially if farms, mines, storages and tcs are maxed also.

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I agree with @NPNKY. Really no sense in spending a ton of money right off the bat. You won’t have the ascension materials to get them anywhere useful for a long time.
Better to work on any 3* thr game gives you, ESPECIALLY Bane!! Once you start building a solid rainbow 3* team then MAYBE consider trying for a few 4*.
Your main goal is to level you Stronghold and buildings for now. Once you get your training camps to 20 you will get plenty of 4* and the occasional 5*. By this time you should have some necessary accession materials and the tough decisions begin.


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been playing since Oct 2018… but that’s it just playing… realized there is more than just playing so went looking for forum to get answers… when you guys refer to running training camps as TC11 … is that the level of the camp itself or the level that you are mining within the camp? starting to think that it refers to the level in which you are mining to get feeders and such but not sure

It’s the level of the TC and then the same level of training heroes within the TC. It’s the cheapest way to provide feeders. And you can use that level to bank both ham and recruits


I wonder if anyone ever tried it:

  • I understand that the maximum number of heroes we can feed to level other hero is 10 at a time.
  • Is it worth the effort to: instead of feeding 10x 1* to a single 3*,4*,or 5* hero to level it up, but to merge the 10 1* by feeding it to 1 or more 2* heroes before feeding the 2* heroes for example to 3*, 4* or 5* heroes? Like that, there is a bigger chance of getting a special skill level increased maybe?
    (instead of feeding 10 1* 1-1 heroes directly to 3*,4*,5*; to level them up first or feed them to 2* heroes first)…

is it a waste of resources? i.e. food?
Am I understandable?


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This is in deed a way but even when feeding 2 star only, you don’t have a guarantee for leveling up the special. I personally feed whatever is available since the devs increased the upgrade chance of special after hero is maxed.

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Feeding feeders would be a massive waist of resources. The feeded would give much less XP than feeding all directly to the target.


That looks like a beta account

I notice when we cancel or reduce the number of heroes trained, while the house os full of recruits, both the recruits and food disappear. Even though food storages are not full…

Is that only until certain TC level or all levels?

Been playing for more than a month I guess. And just reached SH and TC 13. Queued 2 TCs for 35 days while training “chance for Epic” on my TC13. My first training on the TC13.

You have to have room for all of the food and all of the recruits to pull them out of training camps. You also have to leave the last one in progress. If you cancel the last training, or if you don’t have enough room for all of both food and recruits, you’ll lose everything.

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Thanks for the insight sir!
Now I have the urge to upgrade houses :smiley:

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If you can not get the diamond please help me please

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Try completely rebooting your device

What would I tell a new player about to start? Don’t

Why not?

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NOw is the best time to start. You easily have six months to complete two full seasons. There’s tons of access to decent heroes in Atlantis and now with the event during Atlantis you can get a tonne of free coins. HOTM coming out the next half of year should build you some real variety. Probably set you up nicely for season three.


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