Advice for New Players, or "All the things I wish someone had told me when I first started."

Dude, if you got 5-6 3* from tc10 in 7-10 days you are very lucky and should probably buy a lotto ticket.

Okay red whole topic, few questions.

I’m at level 20, so I have 50 heroslots:
Purple: 4 x 3* + 1 x 4* (and Layla for back up)
Yellow: 4 x 3* + 1 x 4* (and Sha Ji for back up)
Blue: 4 x 3* +1 * 4 (and Olaf for back up)
Green: 3x 3* + 1 * 4
Red: 3x 3* + 2 x 2 (Shaarkot and farid for back up)

So my roster contains 28-29 heroes, that I dont want to feed, So I can’t in any possibility keep 10 for every color to feed in 10 patches. I have noticed that skill may raise even in 6-12%, but its rare.

Why I have so many? Because I want to help my alliance in wars, but i have have constant lack of food, when its to level up. And keep some kind of hero roster. Farm are 10-13 levels and WT is in 10 level. Should I keep some time from feeding heroes so I get my WT to level 13 (as my SH) and update one of my TC to 13. ( Only Bane is ready, Carver (9), Azar (13) and Baltahazar (31) are missing some levels (levels in ()
So I have appoximitly 20 heroes that need to fed up… :wink:

Allso read up about TC11, TC4 and TC1/2, I had so many backpacs, so I could keep my TC2 running allmost 24/7, but now those are finished. Here are mentioned TC11 and TC4 about their low cost, but for me, who seeems to play a lot, the seem like too slow.

So should I now focuse on long “banks” from 8-7 and get packpacs from 5-5 / 5-8, and do some “upgrades” to my village.

@ansa It sounds like you have made a very good start. I’ll take your points one at a time.

  1. You can buy extra space for heroes in the shop, and it is one of the best uses for your saved gems. You’ll keep benefiting from them as long as you play. They start out at 50 gems for 5 slots, and after each 5 purchases (25 slots) the price goes up by 50 gems. At this point, 250 gems for 25 hero slots will benefit you more than 1 Epic summon.
  2. Start at least one of your training camps on extra low cost training. Stack tons of recruits in there. As long as it stays running, you can keep adding more (or pulling some out) without collecting the finished heroes, and then pull the feeders out when you have the hams to use them. It seems slow, but it will give you a steady trickle of feeders for very little cost.
    Your second training camp should go to 13 as soon as possible, so you can phase out the last of your 2* heroes.
    Your third camp can alternate between 1, 2, and 11 as you have supplies available.
    Don’t worry about leveling your watchtower unless you have an excess of hams. Focus on your stronghold, 1 training camp, 1 forge, and your production facilities (farms, mines, and storages). Your houses can wait, because you can stash recruits in TC11.
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Thank you @NPNKY for quick response

I have to write this down, so I understand and internalize this better. And of course to all members in our site :wink:

My current TC12 -> TC13, and training 3* stars and hope for 5% 4*

My current TC11, hoard /bank ham & recruiters here

  • I shouldn’t bother the time, this is bank (deposit and withdraw), when I need items for TC13 or (third TC) TC1/TC2/TC4, I should use these

TC4 leave at is

  • use as TC4 and "short queue" or transfer queue to TC11 and when you have enough backpacks and wooden sword then use "quick training" from TC1/TC2

I have another question (little of topic and there is right topic, I think)

but that’s is more roster topic than training topic, so…

But "status quo" has changed past 9 days ago and I think my roster is going to quite stabile for now on, just feeding heroes.

Blue: Star Promo level Comment
Sonya 4 1 of 4 1 Just pick up from atlantis
Graymane 3 2 of 3 28 Told to hold on was
Gunnar 3 2 of 3 29 was told Karil is priority
Karil 3 2 of 3 33 been focusing on
Ulmer 3 1 of 3 1 waiting his turn
Green: Star Promo level Comment
Fraiar Tuck 3 1 of 3 1 Just came free from atlantis
Gobler 4 1 of 4 1 Just pick up from atlantis
Carver 3 3 of 3 43 told focuse on
Isshtak 3 1 of 3 1 waiting his turn
Jenneh 2 3 of 3 40 was the the forst to focus on
Purple: Star promo level Comment
Balthazar 3 3 of 3 21 been focusing on
Oberon 3 1 of 3 9 whough I should focus on
Prisca 3 1 of 3 1 waiting his turn
Tyrum 3 1 of 3 1 waiting his turn
Cyprian 4 2 of 4 8 focused, but been told that Balthazar first
Yellow Star promo level Comment
Bane 3 3 of 3 50 Just waiting emblems
Dawa 3 1 of 3 1 waiting his turn
Gan Ju 3 1 of 3 3 waiting his turn
Kailani 3 1 of 3 8 waiting his turn
Wu Kong 4 2 of 4 15 been focusing on
red Star promo level Comment
Azar 3 3 of 3 38 First red 3* so All my focus was here
Jahangir 3 1 of 3 1 waiting his turn
Hawkmoon 3 1 of 3 1 waiting his turn
Shaarkot 2 3 of 3 40 my first where I was focusing
Farid 2 2 of 3 8 back up, because reds were nowhere
Sharan 1 2 of 2 20 game starting, wanting to feed her

If you wonder why some 3* have gained some level, thats because I got them double and wanted to feed them to each other.
Question is that there is Baltazar coming to finnish, should I continue on Cyprian, or some one else?
Allso Carver is coming to finnish, so is Isshtak still my number to be to focus on, or is Gobler taken his place?

Blues are the most difficult, there is half raised Graymane and Gunnar after Karil, but Atlantis gave me Sonya.

Wu Kong is funny guy, I’m so pleased to have him on my team. Balthazar can make 1000 damage or miss… Can’t be loving Wu Kong

Azar is coming to finnish his training. have seen some of Jahangir’s handywork and pleased with result, but there is that maybe I need some healer to my team too…

So is there some “feeding instructions” :smiley:

I know, i’m not asking here the rosters, there is right topic for that, but I haven’t tested All my heroes and their special abilities, so thats why I’m asking little bit here, where to focus next, 'cause I have put on same team Cyprian and Gunnar/Kailani, gotta say their special abilities don’t feed each other :wink:

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Okay. For blue, finish Gunnar, then Karil. Then start Sonya. If you get stuck waiting for mats, finish Greymane and Ulmer. If you pull Valen or any Atlantis 3*, level them too
For purple, Balthazar, then Tyrum. Cyprian next. Don’t waste time on Prisca, Renfeld or Oberon unless you’re stuck. If you pull Chochin or Gill-ra, they’re worth leveling.
For yellow, Gan Ju, then Kailani. Melia from Atlantis is also good. Dawa is terrible.
For green, finish Carver since you’ve started him. Then Tuck, unless you pull a better green 3* (Belith, Berden, Brienne, or Mnesseus). Then take Gobbler to 3/60. I wouldn’t take him any further unless he gets a buff in version 20. Don’t bother with Isshtak unless you run out of green heroes to level.
For red, finish Azar, then focus on Hawkmoon. You’re very short on healers. Jahangir can come after her, unless you pull Nashgar or Namahage.


Okay, little update from week ago :wink:

# Blue: Star Promo level Skill ATT DEF HP Comment
1 Sonya 4 1 of 4 1 1 of 8 286 344 476 3rd priority
2 Gunnar 3 3 of 3 29 7 of 8 359 494 609 1st priority
3 Karil 3 2 of 3 39 6 of 8 396 309 599 2nd priority
4 Graymane 3 2 of 3 28 3 of 8 364 287 614 waiting his turn
5 Ulmer 3 1 of 3 1 1 of 8 304 207 390 waiting his turn
# Green: Star promo level Skill ATT DEF HP Comment
1 Carver 3 3 of 3 50 7 of 8 464 448 653 finished
2 Tuck 3 2 of 3 18 3 of 8 341 335 507 1st priority
3 Gobler 4 1 of 4 1 1 of 8 347 212 613 2nd priority
4 Isshtak 3 1 of 3 1 1 of 8 261 240 440 waiting his turn
5 Jenneh 2 3 of 3 40 8 of 8 328 325 602 was the the forst to focus on
# Purple: Star promo level Skill ATT DEF HP Comment
1 Balthazar 3 3 of 3 50 4 of 8 483 422 648 finished
2 Tyrum 3 1 of 3 26 3 of 8 256 279 581 1st priority
3 Cyprian 4 2 of 4 8 3 of 8 329 354 798 2nd priority
6 Oberon 3 1 of 3 9 1 of 8 254 248 506 waiting his turn
6 Prisca 3 1 of 3 1 1 of 8 238 267 438 waiting his turn
6 Renfeld 3 1 of 3 1 1 of 8 281 229 403 my first from TC13
# Yellow Star promo level Skill ATT DEF HP Comment
1 Wu Kong 4 2 of 4 50 8 of 8 484 424 679 1st priority
2 Bane 3 3 of 3 50 8 of 8 469 410 693 finished
3 Gan Ju 3 1 of 3 8 1 of 8 280 217 486 2nd priority
4 Kailani 3 1 of 3 14 3 of 8 266 281 452 3rd priority
5 Dawa 3 1 of 3 3 1 of 8 284 227 395 waiting his turn no nobody else comes
# red Star promo level Skill ATT DEF HP Comment
1 Azar 3 3 of 3 50 5 pf 8 493 413 651 finished
2 Hawkmoon 3 2 of 3 29 5 pf 8 371 349 499 1st priority
3 Nashgar 3 1 of 3 1 1 of 8 296 211 394 2nd priority
4 Jahangir 3 1 of 3 1 1 of 8 287 251 345 3rd priority
5 Shaarkot 2 3 of 3 40 8 of 8 356 275 627 my first where I was focusing
6 Farid 2 2 of 3 8 4 of 8 255 210 463 back up, because reds were nowhere

I have now Green elemental summon and first was Tuck, so I’m little “afraid” to use last gems and hope for better :wink:

Few finished, Azar and Carver, didn’t get skill to 8, but I’m not still not hurry to use any emblems so I don’t need to focus them anymore? all though if I get same hero from summon/TC so skill is 100% to raise.

I was was ascendin Wu Kong to level 3 and quailed little bit the material needed :wink:
Tall boots 3/2, Chainmail Shirt 3/3

Then I came back here, nd read something what loot and where, so first two raids to 12-9 gace me Tall boots and Chainmail Shirt. So are these how common to find, so I can rely that, when ascending is going to happen I have items needed? I Think those materials are 4* for level 3 and 4

Then I found this post:

Because referring to that picture:

  • have only one compass ( Do I need 4 for Sonya and Wu Kong?)
  • I have 2 fine cloves ( Do I need 4 for Sonya and Wu Kong?)
  • I have 1 Orb of Magic ( I need 4 for last level for Wu Kong)
  • Warm Cloak for Sonya last level ( I have none)
  • And Cyprian needs something too :wink:

Other 3* ascending materials I have Hidden Blade x2, Scabbard x4, Sturdy shield x1 and trap tools x1

Some of those doesn’t are farmable, so i need to wait them from chests?

I’m current at 14-2, should I try to advance there as well? All my world energy has gone previously at 8-7, but noticed that I needed those boots and shirt, I have beeen harvesting 12-9, ofcource for recruits too. Allso I’m current on level, do I need more xp for more world energy ( idon’t see more effort on it.)

ps. I put those stats for me, so I can little bit look, whos I pick for war teams :wink:


Each four-star needs ONE compass and ONE pair of gloves, plus FOUR of a particular elemental item (orb of magic, hidden blade, trap tools, warm cloak, sturdy shield). These are needed for the ascension from tier 3 to tier 4.

Five-star heroes use exactly the same materials to get from tier 2 to tier 3. To get to tier 4, they need ONE damascus blade, ONE tome of tactics, FOUR (more) 3-star elemental items, and SIX 4-star elemental items (poison darts, royal tabards, …)


So I have 4 4* heroes so,
4 compassesses, I have to acquire from somewhere 3
4 pair of gloves, I have to acquire from somewhere 2

Assuming I have ascended to heroes, now Its Just Wu kong on my list, rest on a waiting list

Wu Kong needs from 2 -> 3 level also 4 Chainmail Shirt and again from 3-4?
Yellow needs Chainmail Shirt x8 and 4x Magiccal Orb
Purple needs 6 scabbard and 4 trap tools

if I understand the picture correct…

Where the loot those =)

Chainmails drop in the provinces. If you click on one in your inventory, it will suggest provinces with a better chance. I find that I have way too many of those, so hardly think of them as a requirement to have them…

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Tall boots


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Yes I know those inventory and where to look at. Allso found excels from the forum where shoould look for things. I’m worried about Magic Orb, Warm Cloak and compass, those have been really rare in my inventory

Like I mentioned earlier, that I’m still here, so I should move along? But my speedtraining hurts then :wink: I have approx 180 wooden swords. I’ll use them as “speedtraining” and backpack which I gather along the side for speedtraining, then I forward the world map.

Thanks @NPNKY for the pictures, but like I said, those appears in about 17 and above provincess and I’m at 14 =)

But I think, I can now ascend Wu Kong and worrie about those inventories when I need them next.

btw, gems are gone. Frair Tuck and Carver came along, :frowning: bright side Carver is now ready but talents didn’t look like something that I wan’t o use my emblems on.

Now that you’re farming 12-9, don’t worry about boots and such. Just stay there for a while until you’re ready to push up to 16-9, which also has yellow enemies.
It’s too bad you wasted some feeders on jank heroes, but most have done so because they had nothing else or were desperate for the class quests. Jank includes jahangir, tuck, isshtak, greymane, karil, dawa, oberon, prisca, and even renfeld. The 3* Atlantis heroes will help with class quests a lot. They add variety, such as attackers in a class full of healers. Good luck and enjoy the game.

Thanks for that list, Allthough they come handy in Alliance Wars, so not so wasted feeders, yet.

But I still got some gems from “extra builder” and abled to pick one green hero. Pulled Kashhrek. Is he any good? Should I focus on him now, because he is “better version” of Tuck? (heals near by allies)

My green heroes, whom arent ready: (only Carver is ready:D)

  1. prio: Tuck,
  2. prio: Gobler
  3. prio Isshtak

Now I pulled Kashhrek, should I focuse on him?

Put Gobbler on the back bench and go with Kasshrek. This is almost certainly right. Stop at level 3/60. Check with your alliance then to see if you should take him further or wait for a more attack oriented green to ascend.

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Thank you for yout quick responce.

Should I finish Tuck first? He is ascension 2 / level 24 or just go with Kasshrek first on 3/60

Finish Tuck first. It won’t take long. Then start Kasshrek. He is one of the best 4* tanks, and will serve you well into platinum tier.

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are there especially good legendarys or especially bad ones? is there a “the best” legendary you would strife to have?

There aren’t “bad” legendary heroes per se, but some heroes are more universally useful while some will have niche uses. Take Mok-arr for example, his special requires a specific team set-up with heavy purple and is perhaps more useful against a heavy yellow team (which is not that often). Meanwhile, a hero like Gravemaker’s special is useful in 99% situations.


Hi NPNKY i would use your advice ,since i have been playing the last 5 months , in regards of my team roaster.

My last two teams are 2800 TP consisting 2 x Lis Cyprian Sonya Peters Quintum Colen Kelile 2nd Thorne and Meledor

I builded a strong team for Titans and worked on all teams to bring them above 2800 to be effective at wars.

Is it better now to start working on those 5* i have or max out all 4* first?

Thanks !

Take your 4* as far as you’re going to take them first. Not all are worth taking to 4/70. Some can stop at 3/60. You don’t need Kash to tank, so he and Hu Tao can stay at 3/60. I don’t see Wu Kong in your roster. If you get him, max him quickly for titans.
Then start working on your 5s. Be very selective with who you give 4* materials to. Think about what role they will fill for you, and try to max the more versatile heroes first. If there’s a hero that you will use on defense but nowhere else, maybe they can wait.

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