Advice for New Players July 2020

Ignore cups/trophies, cup dropping can make raids/revenges easy

Ignore team points, don’t think in „best team“, „2nd best team“, …

Learn color stacking for offense

Learn how your heroes work together, find synergies for your color stacks (2 or 3)

Level heroes you are really playing with in offense, don’t get too attached with your defense.

Don’t chase heroes from portals, learn to play with what you have

Find an alliance, where you can hit loot tier IX on titans

Ask your alliance/this forum for advice

Use the search button here


S1/8-7 and S2/15-9N while atlantis rising are your best friends

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I’ve been reading this forum since I downloaded the game in January of 2019. I found it very helpful early on with various aspects of the game. I also quickly realized that not everyone is helpful and you have to be cautious with believing what you read. A good alliance that caters to beginner to mid level players is the most important thing to a new player. When you read something here bounce it off your teammates before you take it to heart.

There is some bad advice in this thread so I decided to use my first forum post to show any new player what I’ve built in just a little more than 1.5 years.

I bought my first PoV in August which is the most I’ve ever spent. Other than that I’ve purchased VIP twice for $2.99 US and I always buy the gift deals where I get 300 gems and everyone in my alliance gets 30. All in all, less than $30 total in 19 months.

I raid and farm everyday (unless real life doesn’t permit) to fill my chests. I stay in diamond tier most days. Occasionally I open my app to find I’ve dropped to platinum but that’s happening less and less.

I complete every gem quest but those are the only uncommon quests I bother with, the rest of my world energy goes to farming (usually 8-7) and rare quests, trials, challenges and the like.

I save up gems to 3k and do a 10 pull during Atlantis rises. That’s the only thing I spend gems on except roster space expansion as needed. Usually do a pull every 3 months. When I have all the heroes I want from Season 2 I’ll move on to season 3.

Someone mentioned this but it’s worth repeating, ALWAYS save your epic hero coins for seasonal events.

Have patience, enjoy each level of the game, participate in wars and hit titans even when you’re weak. That’s where those fine gloves, compasses, and other 3* materials are going to come from at first. Titan and war chests are invaluable early on.

Build 2-3 teams of 3* heroes and help out your team by doing cleanup during wars. Your alliance will explain that if you don’t already know what it means. I hope I’ve been helpful.

Here is my current roster and profile. I’ve blacked out my alliance because I’m not the leader and I haven’t spoken to him yet about posting that here.

Edit: I’m unable to post any more screenshots at the moment because my account is new. Understandable.


My advise would be: Turn back while it is too early. Uninstall the game and look for better games that care their player base. After Zynga acquired SG , this game turned into a trap for players.

I disagree. I have a lot of fun playing this game. Maybe you don’t like it, but there are people who enjoy it. Let them try it and decide. :slight_smile:

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Okay here’s the rest. Also important, take the heroes you get and learn to play with them. Don’t go after specific heroes. Good stuff will come.

So much hate in here…

I play this game since Feb. 2018, yes i’ve spent tons of money since then as i struggle to stick to budgets in games :sweat_smile: I have a roster which can compete in wars with alliances between rank 75 and 150 and want to share my opinion and insights.

This game is in some ways like being maried, there are ups and downs and you need to stay patient and consistently work on your relationship. I did have moments where i wanted to quit only to come back a few days or weeks later.

The reason behind this is that i found a place that keeps me motivated in alliance wars and specifically building Attack Teams for different common setups. I share my knowledge of the game within our alliance family and fill some kind of a mentor role. I do record attacks and analyse war attacks for my teammates.

This strategic level of the game keeps me happy and it does not matter anymore how long i have to wait for good titan and chest loot (yes even 14* are no guarantee). I still do not have a blue and purple Sniper and have to work with Obakan and Richard or Isarnia and mediocre (they were awesome a year ago) Heroes like Khiona or Frida and still there are days where you use your 10 challenge coins and get Jabberwock like i did today. I pulled Gravemaker with a free pull during atlantis but when first released i did more then 100 pulls and did not have luck. So that is propably the most valuable advice i can give to you:

  • don’t spend your money and expect getting the hero you want! You will propably be discouraged!
    Spend money with a mindset of a lottery, hope for the best and expect nothing stick to a Budget. This should be a value which you don’t mind losing.

  • The most important reason to play the game is fun! So ask yourself what makes you happy in this game and be prepared that this will change over time!

  • Find an Alliance and use the Peer Chatroom ingame to ask all your questions!

There is so much more one could write but for now its enough i think.


I installed discord too but did not do anything with it yet besides creating a server… Without line you guys are missing the wise goat

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I know LINE is the preferred method of outside communication around here.

I think a couple of my members do have LINE.

For me personally, I don’t have LINE for the same reason I don’t have Facebook, Twitter, Snaptikchat etc. whatever. LINE wants information from me that I don’t feel like sharing with everyone on the planet.

I get enough hate online as it is already. Don’t need to get phone notifications every 5 minutes telling me I got a DM from UsuckLULZ telling me “you ugly and your momma dresses you funny”


My best advice would be to find an alliance you enjoy being apart of. Honestly, this game is a much better experience when you’re in an alliance you have fun in. There are plenty of alliances out there so there’s a fit for every type of player and a good mix of experience levels with help you with advise and development.

Aside from that, just enjoy the game and don’t stress about getting the biggest and best latest shiny hero. That way madness lies.

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Don’t expect to gain a Telluria in the first summon pull lol…but seriously, basically there are 2 kind of players around there, those who have patience and reach the objective, and those who spend money and reach the objective, I’m a very c2p player for 2 years playing, almost every heroes I have came from free gems or coins, I only spent money on VIP til now, so if you’re thinking in invest money, wait few months to understand the game and please, always take a look in the forum, also other platforms like YouTube, you’ll find a lot of tips from many different experienced players, and the most important, never forget it’s just about fun, the best prize it’s the new friends you’ll find in the game, heroes will come soon or later paying or not.

I already tried downloading LINE on my PC, that’s the medium I use to post on here, but it won’t allow me to connect without also downloading it on my phone and syncing the two…

Long story. My old phone wasn’t able to handle more apps. Still transitioning to my new phone. Hate typing on phones anyway, I prefer communicating from my PC with a full sized keyboard (easier for my fat fingers). Don’t want everyone having access to my personal phone number or email address. Etc. etc.

Basically “reasons”. But on Discord? I am TGW #5044. Not sure if that means there were 5043 TGWs before me, or if it’s just a random number they assigned to me. :man_shrugging:

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very good advise! I have not played long but if my first alliance was better I can learn more and faster. Also this is a game so play it as you like and don’t try to do everything other people can do.

Don’t spend gems on daily summon… :crazy_face:

Best advice - give up now before its too late ! Dont smash the phone if the enemy is reviving 7 times in a row, with mana recharged.
Dont smash the phone if you only get crappy boards and you cannot fire one special before your heroes die. Dont smash your phone if you only get crappy 3 star heroes at all pulls. Not worth it.
Don`t smash your phone if you cannot get ascension items. Just wait a few years.

My advise stays the same, this game is a Trap and is designed only to suck your money away. There are zillions of better games that value player time + money invested. Try finding one before it is too late and you are not invested too much.

Also i believe the game is on past pace on death. With the changes they decided to implement in last 12 months with Zynga, game is pushing many established users away. In 9-12 months from now, things will look way different.

I would ignore most of what @gnikdrazil advises. You can have a very fulfilling long-term experience with the game, and this is coming from someone who rarely plays a mobile phone game for more than a month. Here I am 2 years later still not seeing an expiry date on it.

I won’t deny the “money trap” aspect of the game and that is something you have to come to terms with yourself. There are lots of FTP players out there who are both happy and competitive. If you want to spend you can do so but you have to accept the odds of getting heroes is very low and you need to be prepared to deal with the disappointment of (usually) not getting your “money’s worth”. The players “at the top” are mostly the upper end of CTP or P2P, but there is no need to be “at the top” unless that is a goal that you decide is important for yourself.

There are some players like our friend here who are SG conspiracy theorists and like to blame SG/Zynga for anything and everything including manipulating his boards to incite him and others like him to pay (when in fact their losses are a combination of bad luck - which everyone gets, as RNG is a significant factor in the game - and/or sub optimal play, which most people struggle to see or acknowledge). SG may be responsible for setting very low summon odds and pushing deals to encourage paying, but they have never manipulated the play aspect of the game and to my mind they have a history of listening to at least some user feedback and in working towards enhancing future user experiences.

And I strongly advise you to ignore @Homaclese as he decides to act as the lawyer and defender of the game. He may even have affiliation which he is not disclosing.

Happy for me to be ignored as long as you ignore the constant stream of negativity and that comes from our frienfd here. You will get a more balanced view of the experience by listening to literally anyone else

Thing you miss is: You may love the game, no one is criticising you for loving the game. It is your personal preference.

Same as mine is my personal preference. Difference between me and you is: You are trying to shut down any one’s opinion and surpass that with your own.

You need to understand human’s can have different opinions and you have to respect them.And you can’t de value other people’s opinions because they contradict with you.

You need to grow up a bit my young friend.

Save any World Energy Flasks for when the Event Atlantis is active :slight_smile: It is a great way to obtain extra ressources, since the cost of the Stages are less, when it is active, and the loot is more. (I am a new player too, still, so bear that in mind, I might not entirely accurate. :blush: )

Good luck :partying_face:
Enjoy the game and Community, and never attempt to chase a specific 5 * hero. :pray:

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