Advice for New Players July 2020

C2P, level 67. It took me 3 months to get a rainbow 4* and to get TC20 running, 11 months to get a rainbow 5*, 14 months and over 300 TC20 trainings to get Wu, 18 months and counting to get Proteus. My special heroes (5* other than season 1, and 4* from monthly/quarterly events/seasonals): Kunchen Margaret Margaret Merlin GuardianFalcon Telluria Mitsuko Gretel Hansel GuardianKong Noor.

I quite wonder why a lot of topic posters advise not to spend money. If i followed these advices (I play only since autumn 2019), I would’ve never had an awesome team of heroes which I would enjoy playing for long time ahead.
I realised that I love the game and that I’m going to play it for long time and that it brings me much joy. This made me to buy VIP pass first. After some time playing and building 3* teamand figuring out many aspects of the game (what I like and what I dislike) I decided that I can spend some money on summons. The golden rule is just do not spend more than you would allow yourself to spend on any other type of enterntainment, such as extra time going to cinema or extra coffee. I do not regret the money, because I knew what i was doing, I kpt my expectations realistic and I was lucky in summons. So my advice regarding spending money is different from the most. If you really ENJOY the game, then consider makng some x10 pulls on Atlantis and Valhalla and events. This will bring you a bunch of good heroes.
If i would have not spent any money, I would’ve been stuck with mostly same team of 3* heroes for long months. With having god roster of heroes now, I can continue leveling them up, having fun with ar and events, doing summons only occasionally, and enjoy most of aspects of the game.
So generally: if you really have fun with this game, and are 100% sure that you would play it for more than year ahead, then don’t be afraid of spending money on some x10 pulls.

Advice about raids; cup dropping and revenge is avesome way to fill up your chest quickly.
If yu drop cups, make a defence team of 5 heroes low-level, not only 1. This is fair deal for a player who would come to duel you , because he will fill his hero chest.

Focus on leveling up your best troop, 1pcs of each color first. Leveled up 2* and 3* troops later wll be useful in tournaments and events.


Dont. Spend. Money.
That’s all.

I’ve only been playing for 646 days in the same alliance of which I’m now co-leader. I would say to new players… Don’t get too addicted to this game as it lets you down too much. Don’t expect to spend money and get the heroes you want because you never will. And don’t think that the game is fair because it’s not. One minute you can beat a team much bigger than you in a raid to the next hit not be able to beat a team which has considerably less strength than you. Make sure also if you are playing on a phone that it’s protected so that when you chuck it or punch the screen it won’t break! :grin:


So my advice, ahem, which is ridiculous to say aloud. For the longest time, I thought you needed 2 of the same hero , not color, 2 Banes, 2 Dawa’s in order to ascend them. I sat on a bunch of hero’s for awhile, till I read something on the forums that made me try again.

One day I was trying to do an ascension and I didn’t have enough of something. I saw two pictures, the before and after, and thought, ‘oh I don’t have two of them’ and followed on that fated patch for months.

So, my advice you don’t need 2 of the same hero to ascend them.


I suspect some of that opinion are players who have become somewhat jaded with their pull luck.
Some see the nature of the pull system as akin to gambling which could spiral out of control.

The game can be enjoyed without spending money, but it also requires a certain (lack of) expectation.


I am new to this game, playing less than 3 months. Luck has smiled to me as I have drawn Malosi. Myztero, Yunan and Magni. I spend moderate, only some cheap special offers, vip and path of Valour. I am happy with my draws and I don’t push my luck more. Never had a 10 pull. I get ascension materials from my activity & these cheap offers. Forgot to mention that no 5* fully maxed yet which is understandable due to newcoming. I play 2 to 3 hours daily which relaxes me. I do Raids just for the wanted chests. No more cause it’s high frustrating, completion needs at least 12 or more tries.
My humble advice: keep it simple, don’t push anything if it comes it is welcomed and don’t let this app dictate your life. Be balanced yourself.
Have fun…


This is an excellent summary of what has been stated and I agree with each point. I have been playing since August 29th of last year. Not being the patient sort I spent more than I meant to and now have a bloated roster of heroes that will take me forever to level.

That being said, I am also able to stay at high platinum, low diamond level even without raiding much. However, until recently, I struggled with 3* and 4* tournaments and events. This is because my heroes were all over the place. That is until I stopped and focused on what I should have done in the first place, building a roster of good, 3 and 4* heroes.

Such things are easier now. I spend for the most part, only on VIP and PoV passes and summon very little, yet I win more. Believe me, nothing will show you the holes in your roster like a tournament. Lol!

I say all this in an effort to hopefully allow someone to learn from my bad example. Summoning is fun and it’s exciting to get the shiny new heroes, but once you get them what are you going to do? Learn to work with, and enjoy what you have. You will be more effective and gain more in the long run.


I like this post. A certain amount of spending can be good, but be realistic. Know your boundaries. Don’t get caught up in the GATCHA , gamblers mind set. The next pull will probably NOT be the one that gets that one perfect hero that will make you invincible. Not gonna happen bro.


Here is a update for you all

My theory and check in my ally (well, ours since i am just the freaking clown leader of a bunch of lunnatics)

fact: younger players got more HOTM and ascension material untill they reach a certain level of getting heroes

fact: a 10 pull delivers nothing nowadays, even from your tc20

fact: all above messages of people who claim otherwise are not having that much 5 star heroes yet and/or are just beginning, which brings us to fact numero uno

fact: ascension material on younger players, yes… when you play longer then a year: good luck to yah, speak to you later -lol-

ppppppffffffffffffff, i rest my case

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worse days are to come, my friend… sorry -lmao-

read my message above this one! i will bet with you, you loose in a year or so… it is just the way it is. Nice though since it seems to close the gab between players as such in team power and sofort

And yes, i am not trying to be as funny as my friend @TGW… he sure does have the best humor -lol-


are you mr thinker aka le penseur? well, heads up and think again but better -lololol-

No offense, my dear friend, but I just put down my theory which i got from practise in “my” ally and I spoke to other leaders too… SG is trying to bring the gab closer but also forget about what people want and need… I spent a lot of money when the HOTM were better, f.e. kingston, hell even grimble is even better last year… You WANTED those, now it is not even worth to try. Hell, i got Noor but I am not happy at all, she is slow, etc, etc (see another topic about her)

Am I going offtopic? no… @KiraSG @Petri : Come on, and yes, i will not bother you guys anymore, since you do NOT communicatie with your players which is a loss and i am being mr Nice

SG/powerhouse Synga thinks on short term lease like a hybrid or electric car lease… only a couple of euros a month, but only 10k driving a year and you are stuck with it for 2 years or so

Zynga thinks like las vegas but they will loose eventually and yes, many players have left… even new one players since this game is all about “family allies”, so they think leaders (like me -sigh-) are trying their best to keep all in check, but there is a limit to that, you know…

Like I said earlier and also my friend @TGW: SG, it IS your funeral, you know…

I do not even know why I bother to put all this down since it is common knowledge that SG does not hear or listen to its players

yes, common fact… i know this since i came into contact with some of your beta players

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I forgot: some advice to new players: do buy the vallor pass as long you are in a good ally … that pass sure is value to its money

but: i will not be surprised if that’s get ruined too, yes. I am being down to earth not depressed yet though but I just read back my dear diary about the game -lol-

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This is what I love about this forum.

The fact that at least some people here actually have the cojones to speak the truth.

:beers: from one alliance leader to another. :vulcan_salute:

EDIT: for reference. I have informed all of my non-forum-visiting peeps about what a ripoff most of the deals are. A few of them have already seen it for themselves anyway.

That’s not to say that none of my alliance mates will ever spend again. They may, and that’s fine by me if they choose to do so of their own free will. But I’m certainly not going to actively encourage any of my members to spend a single penny.

If they make the mistake of buying 10,000 gems and pull a bunch of Dawas? Well. I could say “I told you so”. Instead, I will direct them to the forum. Go tell SG exactly what you think, and exactly where you think they should relocate their goblin balloon.


EDIT: side note…

@Stylish74thebest my dude, why are there not more people like you around here? I could really use some backup sometimes in these stupid pointless interwebz arguments that mostly accomplish nothing anyway.

Also: I don’t think there’s a way to “add friends” or anything like that on here. And you mentioned that you’re an alliance leader, I am as well. I’m not looking for recruits or merger and I imagine you probably aren’t either (21 members in my current alliance). But I have to say that I really like your style. It’s a shame that SG doesn’t allow “alliance alliances”.

For reference: I am IGN “The Grey Wolf”, leader of “The Ghost Ship” alliance. We’re not top tier nor are we trying to be. Only 9 of our members currently participate in wars so it’s unlikely that our paths would ever cross in game. But please do tag me if they do. I promise you that my team is all friendly and we war and raid “fair and square” so to speak, with no hard feelings either way.

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Do not spend a single gem on summons, until you have at least 6 of the necessary 4* ascension mats.

Save and save and save until you can actually ascend the heroes you get.

This will allow you to the best bang for your buck dependent on where the game is currently at the pint of your summons!

again, you are hitting the nail… you must be in construction too… ten ton hammer -lol-

for new players it is hard nowadays, so pick a good alliance which has mentors who speed you up on heroes and how-to’s… I am not recruiting in here, by far but we do so by helping younger players

What matters is that you have fun in your alliance… the progress is slow but can be fun when you are eager to learn with the right alliance. 1) learn about titans 2) build a tc on lvl 20 as fast as you can 3) learn to understand what heroes can and cannot against other heroes when doing raids

This game is quite good but SG does not seem to care too much about the players: you are just a number with hopefully a creditcard -lol-

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Been playing for about 2.5 years now. I’ve had 2 TC 20’s running full time for well over a year now, along with 2 other TCs. Over this time I have managed to get a few 5 star heroes, but none of the exceptional heros or the really strong ones or even the really fast mana heroes. I’ve gotten what I consider the common 5 stars or the ones with slow mana. Mostly, what I’ve gotten from my TC 20’s are weak or slow 3 star heros that are only good as feeders. I pay for the VIP pass for the tickets and gems and occasionally buy the gems for .99. I’ve never gotten a HOTM during pulls and most of my pulls have been Crappy 3 star heros. I often get raided by much weaker opponents and lose and often lose when I raid weaker opponents, so don’t base you teams strength on a easy win. It’s very frustrating a lot of the time. After the amount of time I’ve been playing, it often seems that I’m overmatched against most of the teams near my level. So, I’ve learned to recognize the teams that have certain heros that I always lose against and not go against them when possible. You will notice most of the strongest teams have many of the same heros in them! The ones that you and I don’t. You will certainly be encouraged to go after these heros, but manage your expectations, because the odds hover around 1.3 to 1.5% that you will get them per pull. The odds don’t stack if you pull back to back, so on every pull there’s about a 98% chance that you won’t get a 5 stars. Just be advised. This is how it’s worked out for me, not my opinion!

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Very similar experience here.

The “vanilla” heroes as they call them are certainly not as good as the fancy “P2W” heroes.

Yes yes I said it, I know people will claim that it’s not pay to win as a free player can theoretically pull these heroes, but reality is that the average low or non spender has a very low chance of ever getting these awesome heroes. Meanwhile, those who buy hundreds of summons on a regular basis have tons of them. That sounds relatively “pay to win” to me.

But I digress.

Vanilla heroes are admittedly not as good as many of the others. However… they aren’t worthless, either.

Have you tried color stacking in your wars and raids? If not, you should. Now of course it’s not a guaranteed win, as boards will be boards, and bad boards will destroy you every time. But a decent to good board can enable a team of color stacked 4* vanilla heroes to take out a team of 5* heroes that are WAY above their power level.

A lot of people like going 3-2 on stacking, but that generally requires having very strong heroes in those colors. If you’re like me, you maybe have a few strong heroes, and a bunch of medium-ish level heroes. Which is why I tend to go mono.

Example: say all you have are 4* vanilla red heroes. But they’re all fully ascended. Stack all 5 of them on one team, and you’d be surprised how few red tiles it takes to wipe out a Telluria tank.

After that you will still have to take out the rest of the team as well, but as long as you continue to get a steady stream of red tiles, you know how to “ghost” tiles while waiting for reds, learn how to “nuke” (that’s what I call it anyway - charge up all of your offensive specials and target them all against the biggest threat on the board in one single turn)… either take out the middle 3 or 3 on one side, then ghost tiles through the hole until you get the tiles / charge the specials that you need to kill the rest… also helps a lot if you have a healer on your team to keep you alive through the defense team’s attacks in the meantime…

Nah it’s not perfect, it doesn’t work every time. It requires having RNG at least slightly on your side that day. And some days the boards are just terribad and you probably shouldn’t even bother at that point (unless it’s a war, in which case you kinda have to, then you just try your hardest and hope for the best).

I don’t have Line. I do have Discord, though.

Off topic-ness below (for on-topic, see above :arrow_up:)

And LOL yes I’m male, and I’m already spoken for in that department, but appreciate the sentiment. :laughing:

Sister alliances sounds good, though it would mostly be in name only… I keep a closed alliance and all members, even visitors, must be vetted on an individual basis to make sure they’re not going to cause problems. Just that if you guys ever do a smaller member war (usually only half my alliance mates opt into wars, it’s usually between 9 and 11 members warring)… and if you somehow get matched against us, I promise you a fair and friendly fight. Don’t underestimate some of our lower level members, they pack quite a punch for their size. :grin: But that’s not c/heating, that’s just tactics.

I’m not currently in construction but I have worked in many ‘construction-adjacent’ industries. I’m sure you are familiar with Caterpillar? Of course, who isn’t, right? I used to work for one of their licensed distributors.


Dont spend money other than vip until you hit stronghold level 20, premium summons wont give you good heroes and even if you do get one you wont be able to use him until way later

Avoid the tavern of heroes that portal is a scam and trash.

If you want to get “good heroes” i would recommend spending money/gems on masquerade summons since those heroes are better than vanilla S1

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