Advice for multiple 3 or 4 star heroes

I always level one copy of every hero i get to its max and assign at least one emblem node. But i am baffled on what to do with multiples of 3 or 4 star heroes, especially if they are summoned from portals.

More to the point my extras are :

P.: Fura (4*, S3)
Y.: None atm (levelling a 2nd Lady Woolerton)
B.: Mireweave (4*, S3), Kiril (C).
G.: Gobbler (4*, S2), Buddy (4*, Winter).
R.: Ei-Dunn (3*, S3), 3xRudolph (3*, Winter)

And those are the ones in my main account.

I do have Rafaelle for my blue team so i can’t fathom where id need a 2nd Kiril (C)
My green team is the one that i mostly use for raids and there’s no spot for even a first Buddy
I already have 2 Namahages (5 on another account) snd almost one copy of every other red 3* in game, so i’m not sure whether Hawkmoon-4xRudolph team would for 3* tournaments.
Waiting for your advice.

I level multiple 4* healers for war, tavern & ninja. But mainly because I only have 1 5* healer.
So I would level your dupe Kiril even if you already have Rafaelle.
Of course it also depends on your play style & rest of your roster.
With new events and seasons recently released then roster space is needed.

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From what I saw in challenge events, teams that are heavy blue are most competitive for the Rare part. If blue is reflected, I guess your best option is not red but green, with cBrienne, Brienne and three hitters - possibly Ishhtaks with 18 nodes of emblems each which will bring their attack rating to above 600, even more with costume bonus.

The only reason you might consider keeping extra 3* snipers in each color are 3* tournaments. In that sense I’d personally keep 3 of the best 3* snipers in each color - for example, cBane or Agnes for yellow, cValen for blue, cBerden for green, Rudolph for red, and cBalthazar for purple. Then again, you may disregard 3* tournaments altogether to save roster space.

Keep the Gobblers.

With how prevalent Bera and Freya are in current defenses, plus all the winter event heroes, he can singlehandedly turn fights* with about 1k damage to all worth of minion removal and a 1.2k heal on all.

* some embleming required


Truth is it’s very hard to answer your question because more or less every hero has its niche, at the very least in some form of specific tournament.
And that niche can fit up to 5 duplicates.

I definitely agree with @Eldente on Gobbler: as long as you can’t put your hands on the likes of Grimble, Skadi and some other very unlikely heroes (unlikely meaning :money_with_wings:) he is your go to guy against heavy minion defenses.

If you are running out of team roster I would suggest to get rid of the dups you can easily reaccess, which basically means S1.

In the end it depends on one’s goals/priorities in the game and personal circumstances. I’ve had the same struggle as you - I keep one of every hero (no matter how terrible - see, Vlad!), and eventually max and give one emblem node.

I also try to participate and complete every part of the game: all raid tournaments, challenge events, ninja tower, Tavern of Legends, etc.

I also kept a lot of dupes of potentially useful heroes.

But recently I decided to clear some roster space. So I observed which heroes I use in raids, tourneys, Ninja Tower, etc. With Ninja Tower, I realized I had more than enough 4s and 5s to complete it, and many were left unused. So I recently fed away more than 10 dupes - including some non-S1 ones.

2nd Jack O’Hare and 2nd Valeria were among the ones to go (I kept them this long because I do still use their 1st copies, but I’ve been using them less and less, so decided I did not need dupes). Much earlier, I already fed away dupes and even triples of Agwe, Gobbler, Fura, Shadereave among others. I rarely even use the first copies of these, so no need to keep a dupe - in my opinion.

So to sum up, when in doubt I recommend thinking - which parts of the game do you prioritize? and in those parts, who do you use? if you don’t even use the first copy a lot, then doesn’t seem necessary to keep a dupe.

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