Advice for Green mono team

I need advice from expert players.
What to do?
To keep this team and max or to put maybe one more Almour or Kadilen? And remove Zocc because he is average on mana speed?

Plan is to max and emblem Almour first after Kadilen.

What other options do you have in green?

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Do you have a green mana troop and what level? A level 23 troop can cut average hero tile to just 9 which is close enough to the 8 of the other fast heroes

Also, the team is light on healing since Brynhild only heals 3. Do you have Melendor?

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I got Lianna and Malendor but not leveled.
Also what you guys think to remove Brynhild and put all 5 hiters?

This is my troops

Despite of the fact, that people doesn’t value Zocc, I love him. He is useful by blocking the enemies attack, and I like better than Malosi (who i also have). Most of the time I also go green in 4-1, with Skittleskull +20, Zocc +1, Brynhild +14, and/or Francine 3/60 or Malosi +8. My healer is Rigard +20. This team can bring me up to 2500-2580 cups.
Bottom line, I would definiatelly keep a place for Zocc.


Lianna before Zocc, in terms of final ascension. Mana control is handy, but doesn’t matter much if the target is dead, which is what Lianna brings, especially with Almur’s debuff

A full team healer might be better, but you’ve got what you’ve got I guess

With what you have listed my team selection might be

Caedmon, Brynhild, Almur, Kadilen, Lianna. All fast speed, just need eight tiles and you’re in good shape - just fire Almur first, then Kadilen, pick off your fave targets with C and L


I like Zocc also but he is average in mana and sometimes there is no time to fire.
That’s why maybe I need faster one In my team.

Also I have one idea to put this hero and replace one green.
I think in offence if I use this hero maybe can be much better for me or I am wrong?

I have a similar setup to yours but with Elkanen instead of Kadilen. He’s my only 5* green

The Melendor has a costume bonus and mana emblem node, so only needs a level 1 mana troop to charge in 9 tiles which is slightly behind the other fast heroes.

Personally I prefer to have a healer and because the team is made up of 4*, survivability is an issue as I have to go up against teams 4400 and above

In your case, I’d agree with the suggestion to ascend Lianna first unless you have the Melendor costume


Not familiar with Norns in detail, but if you’re going 4-1 usually the off-colour is an insurance policy, like a cleanser or healer, in case you don’t get on colour tiles. Norns isn’t that useful in that role, as strong colour doesn’t matter for slash attacks by defenders.

My preference is generally mono, just need those eight tiles as I described above. I don’t think Norns helps you

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The Norns’ special is to make a hero weak against the element it is usually strong against. If you’re using the green mono team against a blue tank, then you don’t want to use that special.
You’d only want to use it if you are facing a red tank with this green mono team, which I wouldn’t recommend. Maybe if you want to try a BK or Garnet tank with a Frigg flank

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That special won’t make blue tank strong against green but only weak against green and red… Usually al blue tank has a red flank so that same flank will be weak to green too.

Back to the op i think I’d go Brynhild or melendor, lianna, kadilen, caedmonC and almur, so still mono

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Ah, thanks for the explanation. That would be a good use case

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Thank you guys so much.

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