Advice for completing my 5* defense team

I’m currently levelling up Guinevere as a tank, flanked by Evelyn and Isarnia (to keep them alive longer with Guins regen). I have Zeline in one corner (minor healing from Evelyn).

My dilemma is the final corner slot. I’ve been told to use King Arthur to thwart red stacks against my green stack, but I’m not sure that’s the best way. I’m debating Vivica in that corner to boost defense, cleanse and heal but I’m wrestling with using Zimkitha in that slot instead for her fast AoE damage, minor healing to herself, fast cleanse and to have 4 of 5 colors represented?

So, which would people prefer to have most or more to the point, prefer to run up against least (left to right):

Zimkitha, Evelyn, Guinevere, Isarnia, Zeline or
Vivica, Evelyn, Guinevere, Isarnia, Zeline

None of these are at max ascension either so bare in mind it will take much longer to level both Guin and Viv as I don’t have enough mats for either. I’m farming to level them all as fast as possible.

Viv 3/20
Isarnia 1/47
Zimkitty 1/27
Guin 2/21
Zeline 3/18
Evelyn 1/32

Thanks in advance

I think

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I don’t like slow healers in the corner, and doubling the tank color isn’t wise.

As a general matter I prefer rainbow defenses to make the choice of a color stack harder. Zeline and Evelyn are tricky to order, though; you want Evelyn to fire first for the -nature debuff.

I think @Radar1’s order is sound, even though Zeline would fire first if both Evelyn and Zeline are powered up in the same turn. You definitely don’t want both greens on the same flank (easy target for Gravemaker and other hit-3 heroes), and it’s important to get Zeline fired fire to strip buffs.


One of the reasons I love this game is the amount of strategy that goes into it. I’ve been running Zim first so she can dispell any debuffs and boost any subsequent attacks, Evenlyn 2nd so she can drop the defense target for Nature, Guin, then Isarnia (for the regen from Guin to help her low defense) and Zeline last so she can hit the lowered defensive target of Evelyn’s. I guess I’ll continue to experiment and see what the resulting data supports as an ideal lineup.

Everyone’s input is greatly appreciated, thank you all !!