Advice for a defence team in Alliance Wars

What do you think about these lineups.
I do like more Domitia but my teammates think Obakan is better. Thanks!

If you have the chance Id say to swap Richard and Santa Claus positions.
Domitia is better than Obakan but him would gain the upper hand by allowing you to put Onatel closer to the tank without takind too long to charge.

I would suggest you this lineup:

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we have the same color lineup in cw even if does not make much sense :wink:

If this is for Alliance War then keep Richard as tank and Domitia as his flank, even if Onatel would greatly lose her utility big time.

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cw = clan wars, so yes :slight_smile: So your vote is for Domitia?

Yes, she is way better than Obakan.


Do you have someone other than Santa?

I don’t think he’s very good on defence… Too slow, easily countered & doesn’t do much damage…

Also, would advise against putting Onatel in the Wing… She’s better in Flank IMO… Do you have an alternate Yellow?

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Santa is ok, at least for our opponents and we do have some from top 100 clans (after winning series :wink: ) plus i would not swap it with Alzar.
Yellow 5* only Vivika, Delilah and Leonidas, but Vivika is not an option, Delilah too and Leonidas is too fragile…
I could put actually Onatel on the flank but then i would be attacked by mono dark teams of war opponents, because all other teammates have yellow chars on the wing.

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