Advice and opinions on my heroes!


I’ve been playing for about a month now.

I was looking for advice on:
Heroes you’d level for 5* 4* 3
If there is anyone you would get rid of.
What line ups you’d use for:

I have a bunch of yellow trainers. I just pulled justice from a elemental summon and with all the reading I’ve done, not sure if I should waste anything leveling justice. I have Li and wondering if I should just stick with her

Your opinions and advice would be greatly appreciated.

Here is what I currently have. I’ve been hoarding anything 3* or higher.

A month in I would focus on 4*

Hope for a better yellow. Li Xiu is alright and you have taken her pretty far. I don’t think I’d use the mats on her though.

Sartana is super nice (wish I had her) but being so new you prob won’t be able to get her much past 60 right now. And some of your 4’s would be more usable in my opinion.


Thanks for the advice. I got Sartana on my first purple elemental pull. I got lucky lol. I only need one more trap tool to ascend her. I avoid spending to much on game. I just purchase 2-3 dollar gem offers if they come up. Thanks again for the advice!


I would probably take Rigard up first. He is the most useful 4* healer as he cleanses your team as well. He has saved me quite often.

I pair Rigard with Caedmon’s debuff and it works super well together.

Good advice, @King_Nothing. 5* not only require many rare ascension materials but they burn a lot of food and feeders. Focus on building a solid 4* team. Li Xiu is not a bad choice for yellow: she’s a good tank (at the 4* level). Add her to Caedmon, Grimm, Kelile and Rigard, and you have a solid team for most purposes.

Sartana is the best regular 5* purple, hands down. After Rigard is done, work on her. Justice will take over from Li Xiu as your tank. I’d rather have Joon or Vivica, but Justice has her place.

Colen and Sabina are worthy heroes. Plan to develop these eventually.

For optimal Titan hits, you need (a) Wu Kong and (b) more heroes. Against titans most of us like to stack the strong color, e.g. bring three or four greens against blue, plus Wu Kong. The low-$ way to fill out your roster is to get training camp 13, then 20, running. Focus your building to get your stronghold advanced as quickly as possible, so your training camps can come on line quickly.


Esto es una broma,tengo nivel 42,campos de entrenamiento 2 al 20,tengo haciendo por mas de 2 meses héroes en el nivel 20 y nivel 13 y no me da ni uno de 5 estrella,el único que tengo de 5 estrellas es cuando gaste dinero,de vergüenza,veo a gente de niveles 33 con 5 héroes de 5 estrellas y yo solo uno,ya se ve que es un juego de gastar dinero,por que estar haciendo héroes en nivel 20 por 2 meses y no me da ni uno de 5,solo de 4 o 3,ahora tengo haciendo héroes por valor de 32 dias

I am a new player to these role playing games and am hooked so far on E&P. Trying to learn the language. What is a debuff?

Debuff takes away your opponents buff’s

For example in a raid if your opponent has a + attack or a riptose it will remove them from all of the heros.

It is a nice thing to have. A few heros besides Caedmon do it. I believe Sonya in blue has it as well.

@JonahTheBard - I think you made the dictionary. Could you post it here for @Packerbacker?


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It’s here:

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There are two ways we use “debuff” in this game:

  1. As @King_Nothing noted, some heroes strip buffs from some or all foes. “Caedmon cast and debuffed my Boril’s Riposte!”
  2. Other specials reduce a native ability of a hero: “Isarnia cast and debuffed all my heroes’ defense!”

Note that #2 also has the effect of selectively removing buffs. If your hero debuts armor (e.g. Isarnia), it also removes any existing armor buffs (e.g. Kiril) from the relevant foes.