Advice about leveling *5

My TC20 has just delivered Richard, my 2nd *5 from there… I only need one more Mystic Rings and will be able to ascend a full rainbow of *5… So that is my next step in game…

My current *5 are:

Purple: Seshat 1.40, Quintus: 1.1
Yellow: Musashi 3.70
Blue: Richard 1.1, Rumpel 2.60
Red: Anzogh 3.70, Red Hood: 1.1, Azlar 1.1
Green: Greg 2.45

My *4 roster is:

Purple: Sabina 4.70, Tibs 4.70, Rigard 4.70, Merlin 4.70

Yellow: Wu 4.70, Jackal 4.70, Gretel 4.70, Chao 3.60, Li Xiu 3.60, Hu Tao 3.60

Blue: Kiril 4.70, Grimm 4.70, Triton 4.70, Agwe 3.60, Sonya 3.60, Boril 3.60

Red: BT 4.70, Wilbur 4.70, Scarlett 4.70, Sumitomo 3.60, Kelile 3.60, Colen 1.1

Green: Caedmon 4.70, Melendor 4.70, Gadeirus 3.60, LJ 3.60, Gobbler 3.60, Skittleskull 3.60

Also have 3 full rainbow teams of *3…

Seems the only ones *5 that could work as tanks are either Richard or Anzogh… more likely Richard… Since Greg and Mush are the only ones green and yellow *5 I have and Seshat will be my purple option, have to decide between Richard or Rumpel and Red Hood or Anzogh or Azlar

I was thinking about going with the following setup

Seshat, Red Hood, Richard, Greg and Mush… this could be my favorite

Or a 2nd option

Seshat, Rumpel/Richard, Anzogh, Greg, Mush

Any advice and recommendations are more than welcome…

Go with your first choice until you get healer best for you is Vivica as Musashi is a bummer. Then your team be very good. I would go with Red always then Anzogh.

Richard for tank IMO.

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Almost any rainbow team of 5*s will be a good defense team :wink: The one you have up there can work relatively well.

I have Red Hood myself, but honestly she’s a bit underwhelming. Instant healing is usually more applicable than healing over time, and since the healing is tied to minions on average you get 1 or 2 heals before the fox minion is killed. Anzogh is a better version of her basically, since he heals right away.

The only advantage the fox minions have is that they go well with other minion summoners; and you do happen to have Seshat, who could synergize well with her. If you use Red Hood first, then her fox minion would protect Seshat’s replicator minion, making her harder to kill. But it requires setup to do and being different colors and speed that’s easier said than done, it may be good on defense but I have no experience with that :stuck_out_tongue:

Some other noteworthy things about Red Hood: she makes the hard mode poison mist stages in S2 more manageable, the minions can also be summoned more frequently against enemy waves, so she works better in PvE. Also it is worth noting that she’s the only ranger hero that heals currently, which is pretty useful to have.


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