Advertisements - equipable items for heroes...?

I’ve seen some ads for e&p recently and there is this recurring theme:

Is that an incoming thing or is that just false advertising to bring more people into the game?

I honestly Hope that hero-locked items aren’t coming.

@zephyr1 do you think we can get an answers from devs whether that’s an incoming thing?

EDIT: (Petri’s response)


I think it’s like those ads currently in mystic vision where it’s really just click-bait…

Example being the gardenscape one…
Gardenscape is portrayed as a choice-style puzzle… Really it’s a match-3 style game where completing the candy-crush style levels gives points towards “renovating” a mansion… Nothing to do with choice based adventures.


Wow. That’s truly scammy. I see those garden-ads a lot.


Also this one is totally different in the video gameplay vs. what it looks like in the Google Play store:


I think that its due to the ads are made for a third business that work with a sheet with instructions and a couple of pics and videos

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Yeah I hate that because I would play the game if it was actually like that. Those loot puzzles look fun


That could explain the costume chamber hiatus…

Customizable gear would be a welcomed addition in my book provided that it could be taken off and moved from applicable hero to applicable hero without a ridiculous cost attached to doing so or some crazy building leveling scheme to make it useful.

But then, we’re here…


I just don’t understand all these game ads that have absolutely nothing to do with the actual gameplay. Just… why?

The cherry on the top is that most of the time the depicted game play is worse than the actual game.


I swear, I used to report all of that for fake/misinformation but nothing was ever done about that. It should be illegal. Punishable. It is basically fake advertising - anywhere else would lead to serious legal issues and ruin the company’s image. I don’t get how that’s not the case for mobile games. Sad to see E&P joining the fake train.


We’ve been poking a bit to get the 2020 sneak peek posted, so if something like that is actually in the works, that’s where we’d likely find out.

But like others in this thread, I suspect this is just for advertising. I’m not sure this is even very new, I think I saw an ad like this one somewhere a long time ago.


If you can move it between Heroes, i could live with that.

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And good luck handcrafting your clothing set before every raid and war attack… I would go nuts if I had to do it.

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I stopped editing my RAID team when they added emblems anyway.

It would surprise me if this is in the works as a new game feature for the simple reason that, if you actually equip all those things, you just end up with the (non costumed) Elena as we already know her in the game. My reaction would maybe be different if it showed some different gear (meaning someone at least went to the trouble of creating new artwork).


The last gear heavy game I played had two sets of gear: common gear that could be swapped and character/class specific gear that enhanced a hero’s existing abilities in some way.

Common gear would be like a strength or defense boost or some sort of minor immunity to something (blindness, burn, etc). Something like that might add more strategy and allow more countering to occur.

Character and class specific gear would be nice as a bonus.

@EmpiresPuzzles Could you please confirm whether that’s an incoming feature or just an advertising “strategy”?

My Facebook timeline had a ton of those click-bait type of ads (usually followed by angry comments about how this is false advertisement and nothing to do with the actual game), until I start hiding those.

I haven’t seen one came across from Empires and Puzzles, not sure if it is because it knows I already have the game installed (with Facebook sign-in activated) on my device and it is pointless (and shameless) to provide me with non-in-game material as it would be detrimental. Kind of sad to see from the above that it “seems” to be happening when it was shown in another games’ ad viewing portal.

I believe @guvnor and @TheWizard are likely right, and that in addition to be click-bait in nature, the 3rd party agency might be working with similar type of scripts when they are given the pictures.

Take the Hero Wars one where the hero was blocked by a wall from a hell hound, having a choice of where to place the pull ring to attempt to safely grab the treasure, and dispatch the enemy. But of course click-bait video shows a solution and the wall is opened between the hero and the attacker, the hero is now being mauled by the hell hound, the lava was released and doused them both.

The Gardenscape had an exact same type of puzzle situation with dude being separated by a wall and the other side was a bull dog. The exact same thing happened, demo opens the wall, bull dog attacks guy, and lava (?) was released and doused them both.

It’s actually kind of hilarious to see two totally separate games to use the exact scripted scenario that had nothing to do with actual game play. If E&P does the same, perhaps we will see one where Richard (let’s all pick on the dudes) is blocked from getting to his Cloud Hammer up top guarded by a pull of lava, a wall separates him and a Forest Guardian (last boss for Shrikewood), and someone pulls the lever to the wall separating them…

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I’d like to equip Danza with Richies Hammer. :wink:

Please i don’t really want to see Richard’s pants.

Hey babe, wanna see my hammer?


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