Advertisement during Titan fight

I’ve noticed some random ads popping up recently when starting the game or some other occasions and I don’t mind it too much to be honest, BUT:

I just got an ad during my attack on a titan and I lost like 40 seconds because of it.

at first I thought it might have just paused the fight, but once the ad ended I saw the timer was already down to 4 seconds. my attack didn’t even fully connect.

now I don’t think I have to tell you how… annoyed… I am and honestly I think that is a kinda big issue. for example:
you don’t have a lot of time left on the titan, you’re attacking it, and the ad is hindering you from doing the final killing blow.

I hope you guys could look into that if that’s just a bug and maybe an easy fix or idk.
just wanted to let you know

Sounds like you’ve got infected by some adware as there is no such thing in this game, afaik.


That’s most probably not a bug in the game. I dare to say that’s some unwanted/potentialy malicious adware showing up on your device. Use antivirus/antispyware app to find and unistall it.


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