Adventurer Kits drop rate decreased?

Has anyone else noticed that Adventurer Kits are not dropping as often? I am used to farming 5-8 and get training mats for hours… now I barely get any, 5-8 or otherwise. This has been going on since the update. I could just be on the unfortunate end of chance, but a couple days of it is not likely.

I have periods of time that happens too. Try to switch it around, farm 8.7 and such? It’s not the update. I promise you.
Also, season 2 has some pretty good drop rates usually for backpacks.

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I have to agree that drop rate from 5.8 seems to have died completely. I always used to get plenty, now maybe 1 or 2 for 10 attempts.

I noticed a drop in backpacks also + it seems Like less loot overall and esp. 8-7 seemed nerved.

But no Data collected here, just a quick observation + gutfeelings.

Season 2, 1.9 has been far worse the last couple of days in terms of adventure kits. It could be just bad luck, but it is noticable.

I’m doing the 1/10 of S2 in hard mod, I’m back to 150 from 0 in a few days or so, maybe a week. Usually getting 4/6 from it every time I’m doing it

Good to know, thank you. I’ll try that stage next.

Just did another 10 rounds at 8.7 and 5.8 and got a total of 2 packs. Seems to be more than bad luck…

Unless you need to fill a monster’s chest, there are other levels that you can farm…

I’m getting a massive increase in backpacks farming S2 -14 right now, I thought they had buffed the drop rate TBH. Maybe it’s nerfed in season 1 areas?

Before the patch since I’m farming 14 for the Kappa quest I was not able to keep a TC running a color specific summon, I was running out of backpacks. Now all the sudden I have 4 days lined up and I seem to be gaining every time I run more quests.

IF so this is a welcome change, I’d love to farm an area for crafting mats and not be forced into S2 area 1 forever when I’m not farming quest areas.

Yep moved to season 2 episode 1 and packs are dropping in large numbers there. Season 1 still giving hardly any.

Have spent the day playing lots of different levels and season 2 province 1.5 is by far the best currently regularly giving 3 or 4 packs per round.

My new home for the time being. Incidentally I an still getting none in the old locations 5.8 and 8.7

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