Advantages for 10-pull vs 1

To me, the only advantage for 10-pull at once is the lower gem cost. However, I don’t really see any other advantages but rather disadvantages.

The 10-pull is counted as 1 time pull for the free hero of the month. The same rule applies to the Atlantis summon counter (free chest for 10 times pull). That meant you save some gems for 9 times less chance to get a reward? I don’t really see it useful if the game is going to keep it the way it is. I am stupid enough to do 10-pull so many times until recently that I just realized what I was doing.

Any thought why the game does it the way it is?

You’re partially correct.

The gem saving is the only benefit to the player. Each pull in the 10 pull is treated as a single pull. Each individual summon in the 10x has a shot at summoning the HotM, hence why it is possible for people to get 0, 1, 2, 3, 4 or more HoTM off a 10x pull.

To the developers, the benefit is that the player spends more gems cause there is a discount.


@Guvnor is correct. I was searching for an image of someone showing multiple HOTM but didn’t find one yet. They are there. Refer to this thread for more info.

Is a 10x summons really same as 10 separate?


On that thread, the addition of the “Recent Activity” does show the HoTM drawn in the order that it occurred.

HOWEVER, the summons portal only shows the Bonus Draw/s at the very end. See below where Grimble is shown to be summoned on the 3rd of the 10x pull:


Here’s a post. Three fridas!!!


My last 10pull got me a pair of Grimbles. I got 3 Drakes on a 10 pull when he first was released.


I’m not certain what the other two images are, but I recognize Grimble and gan ju :joy::rofl::joy::slight_smile:

Edit - you pulled the Christmas gift pictures :cry:

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Should be fixed. Could have been waaaaaay worse


@Guvnor, @littleKAF and @Halifax have already pointed out that this is incorrect, and each Summon within a 10 pull has the same possibility of getting a HOTM Bonus Draw as a single Summon done alone would.

But I wanted to add on that this is also incorrect about how the Atlantis Bonus Chest works. A 10 or 30 pull there will count toward the Bonus Chest as 10 or 30 Summons too, up to the cap of opening 9 Bonus Chests per month, just like individual Summons would allow for.

There is absolutely no functional difference between multi-pulls and single pulls.

They work simply as a series of individual Summons, all executed back to back.

But there is one modest advantage to single Summons over 10- and 30-pulls: you can stop if you get what you want.

That’s not typically a good reason to spend the higher gem cost if you intend to Summon more anyway, as it’ll just cost more, but it is a good reason to use Epic Hero Tokens/Atlantis Coins/Challenge Coins individually before you use gems for 10- or 30-pulls, in case you get what you wanted and can stop.

Also, as with all discussions of Summoning, I’d like to remind anyone reading this to please set and stick to a budget, and please consider reading or re-reading these excellent threads:

If you’ve read them a million times before, you may consider reading them again before deciding on your budget for summoning. A little time spent deciding on how much money you want to risk on summoning goes a long way to avoiding disappointment, frustration, and regret later. :slight_smile:


Before anyone spends a cent on pulls, they really should check out the awesome pull simulator at this site: The results will shock, amaze and maybe disgust you but they are totally consistent with yt videos that show results of of 10. 20, 30 summons delivering nothing but 3 stars and sometimes the HOTM on pull 1. Seriously, try just spending a virtual 30,000 gems worth. It is a revelation.


Link to website:

Link to summon emulator:


30 pulls got me Panther, Grimble, Leonidas, and eleven 4*.

If only my real Summons were as lucky. :rofl:


The first 30 pull on the simulator gave me Wilbur & Gadeirus (my last missing 4* Atlantis) and then Poseidon and Vivica…would have been really great as I need more yellow. :smile:

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Summon simulator seems right to me :frowning_face: :frowning_face: :sweat_smile: did 30 Atlantis summon got Agwe, Little john, Danzaburo, Ameonna, 2x Proteus and the rest are 3*
the only fake part is that i got 1 Gill-ra :rofl: :rofl:


I got 2 grimble as wel this month: (see HoTM post)

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This is really cool. I finally got the Proteus I needed lol


Did a 10-pull in Teltoc. Got a dup Boldtusk and the rest vanilla 3* heroes. It checks out. Did another 10-pull to be sure. All vanilla 3* heroes. It’s like it was written by SGG themselves!


Just have done some guardians simulation to see what’s coming and first event hero dropped after 50 pulls. I will have gems for 4-5 pulls so hope have use all bad rng luck in the simulator :crossed_fingers:t3::yum:

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Every hero summoned counts as a chance for the HotM.

Including any HotM ( this can be seen by 1x Summons getting a hero and 2x HotM ).

Thanks for the info. However, I highly doubt about Atlantis chest. I did 10-pull on Atlantis twice and The counter went up 1, not 9 or 10. The first time I did, I didn’t pay attention on the chest counter. The second time I did, it went up from 3 to 4 (10-pull the first time and one pull twice afterward). The 10-pull was a couple months ago. That’s why I don’t do it anymore because it costs 3k gems. If anyone wants to prove me wrong, please do. Maybe the devs have already fixed the bug (or not a bug?).

That said, it give me doubt that the HoTM logic could be similar to Atlantis. That’s why I created this thread.

Anyway, thanks all for the info.

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