Advantages and disadvantages of merging alliances


I wanted to get some feed back on merging alliances as I’ve noticed some folks were asking and I’m not sure about what it entails. I dont know if theres a thread about it or not but would still appreciate the feed back.

We are an alliance of 25 players, more new recruits than old, our leader doesnt have the time to structure a proper war plan and neither does some of the coleaders (even though I am one, I’m still trying to grasp certain things). They wanna be lead in war and not take the lead and I dont know what to do.

So I’m thinking if merging has more pros than cons we may be able to acquire someone to help with war and structure or just find another alliance that is.

It is very hard to run an alliance. For war it is hard to get everyone on the same page. Everyone has a different fighting styles, time zones, and heroes. If you merge then yes maybe someone will be able to help you but on the other hand it could be worse with more people. We have our big alliance and a baby one. We help and train the baby so they can fight with the big boys and girls. It isn’t easy at all

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@Annieb and @JonahTheBard have been through the process of migrating the active players from their old alliance to a new one. They may be able to give you some advice

It is, bc the person that helped with war left and they’re like headless chickens, I dont know if to kick the members that aren’t following or wait and try, but of I do kick them, recruiting is so hard as there seems to be more alliances than players.

Appreciate any help/advice given

We always give someone a try. Sorry I don’t know what your rules are or how high of an alliance you are. You may not know why they are not going with what you are saying. Maybe it doesn’t work for them and you need to try something new. Sorry just trying to help

How many active players do you have right now? Ones who actually want to learn, who can work together and follow a plan?

Our rules are simple, use all flags for titan and war, must be active, 2 titan misses or 1 war miss results in a boot. That’s it, but it’s not regularly enforced and some wont comply bc of the person that left, who basically told everyone what to do and how to do it.

All are active and willing.

It could always be worse. We lost our war commander, but learned that this is just a game, and shouldn’t be taken too seriously.


I agree, but the ones that spend money, who has been in the alliance from the get go, would like a participating and active alliance, which I can’t fault them for.

we have two slots open left in our alliance. we specialize in wars are fully active and all of our players have long tenure. we dont bounce around alliances as we have made our allaince a home. if you are looking for experienced players glad to help them come check us out and we will get you where you need to be. Asguard alliance. our leader is thorzwrath and all of our coleaders and elders are fully active.

dont waste time trying to beat a dead horse your time is just as important as anyone elses.

being that over 10 of us live in same city we organize well for wars and usually have 2 and 3 war wins before losing one

I’m lvl 36 and I dont have 6 lines for war.

we have guys that dont have full 6 teams. where u learn how to take lower teamms out for clean ups. if you wanna sit out a few and watch if you would like. we have guys level 28 to 30 competeing and looking forward to it

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we all had to learn somewhere and it’s better to learn with people happy to teach than with people pushing for wins. wins come with experience and teamwork In the war.


I would consider a merge to be a roughly equal combining of two alliances.

Your issue sounds like you want to recruit a small number of specialist war leaders, which may quite a difficult proposition, it’s not very common.

This would be a tough job because it’s harder to get people to listen when you’re the new guy. They would need to enforce the rules robustly and that is likely to upset people enjoying the relaxed atmosphere.

As @DoctorStrange is suggesting, if you are keen to be in a properly active, organised team, it might be you that has to move.

If you advertise yourself as active and available on a new thread, you’ll have 30 replies from decent alliances in 24 hours.


Hi Finn.
If you are interested in a merger, we are a very chatty, active and organised alliance.

Currently we are running a giveaway ‘March madness’ based on 6 rounds of tasks involving efficiency in wars, raiding, farming. First prize is a 30 pull on Atlantis. Comp graphic;

We have 9 slots open.

If you are interested, we can discuss mutual requirements to see if you (and active friends) would be (find) a good fit with us.

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To just answer the title and not to your situation, i would say that merged alliances gives more troubles then benefits.

It is an extreme way to get many members all at once, but there’s usually problems on the name of the alliance, leadership, balance on decisions, strategies and so on…

There’s simply too many alliances out there, stop make new ones just to fuse soon after.


Never be afraid to kick.

In TCW we had a pretty much full alliance but there were too many ‘slackers’ who weren’t pulling their weight by not following war plans, wasting war flags, not hitting titans, etc.

Keeping those people in the alliance just led to resentment and arguments from those who were putting the effort in which caused a couple of splits and no end of drama.

First up, you need to clarify what your alliance is. Is it a training alliance, casual, competitive?

Then you need to come up with rules based around that, for example

  • Is war compulsory or optional. If not opting out you must use all 6 flags, if taking part must you follow a set war plan or just hit whatever you want as long as all flags are used?

  • Is there a minimum number of flags expected on titans? If you don’t hit that minimum how many are you allowed to miss before you’re kicked?

  • Are you expected to do a certain amount of damage on a titan, i.e. all players must do minimum 25K

  • Is there a minimum log on period, i.e. anyone offline for greater than 24 hours without notice is kicked

Once you have those rules in place and everyone has signed up to them then you can begin enforcing them.

Our alliance is currently much smaller since we agreed on and started enforcing our rules but it’s a much smoother, happier and better run place and now any new recruits we do get know EXACTLY what the deal is.

The same goes for mergers, we’ve attempted 1 and been in discussion on 3 others. The 3 that went nowhere i’m very glad about because after seeing what our expectations were it showed that the mergers weren’t suitable.

We will eventually find an alliance suitable for merging with and when we do we will know the chances of success.

Essentially though, all mergers work the same way.

The weaker alliance joins the stronger one and adopts their rules so you need to make sure those rules are largely the same as your current ones for it to work.