Advanced Training Camp - TC 21 to 25

21 → Trainers
22 → Troops
23 → Costumes
24 → Mix of 20 to 23
25 → 3*/4* items

Definitely swap troops for trainers and I’m all for it. Troop making should have been implemented over a year ago


+5 from me ; good idea :+1: :+1:

I made the comment in the costumes thread, and it was a little tongue in cheek, but to keep it consistent with the rest of the game, this should probably be an Advanced Building, and you would need to convert your TC to access and upgrade these levels. It’s not a big deal, but it means you either get the advanced training levels or the standard training levels, and you’d have to have a free builder to convert. It would also limit the number of advanced TCs you could have running.

Adjusted the title - thx :slightly_smiling_face:

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Now that I say that, I wonder if this is the direction the HA will take. You would convert a TC to unlock it, and instead of recruits, you feed heroes…

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I love the idea! Bring it on

I think the stronghold and training camps should go to level 25. Level 21 possible atlantis 3 or 4 star level 22 possible seasonal hero 3 or 4 star. Level 23 gaurenteed epic. Level 24 possible hotm and seasonal 5 star level 25 possible hotm seasonal and atlantis 5 star.


Also you could expand the base and add in the alchemists tower that everyone has been wanting along with some more storage space for steal and food and another mine

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I think it would be a good thing to do that too by making the space larger

If I remember correctly I think I read that something like this was in The making for this year some time.

Maybe not in the sense of the actual tower but new buildings within the game in general.

I think it would be a great idea.

It is very frustrating to have less iron making and storage compared to food, when you use way more iron.

Seria genial poder intercambiar heroes con tus compañeros de alianza…

How does it work that my 4 TC20 are booked for 1,200 days eac already?

There should be an advanced training center. This building would allow you to pull up a dashboard which has dials that can move recruits from one training center to another.
For instance if you have a TC that is on the second setting (1s and 2s) with 8 days back up and you want to stop it to train on the 19th setting (very fast 1*s), it takes forever to manually move those recruits to your recruit storage TC on the 11th setting. Instead, the dashboard would let you select the two TCs and then use a slider to move them all at once. If you max your food storage or run out of backpacks or whatever, the game stops for a sec and gives you a pop-up window the same way it does now.
Your thoughts?

Here is a way to help F2P players keep up with the P2P players, while the devs still make gem purchase revenue.

Have an advanced training camp that could elect for seaon 2 and season 3 characters.
Maybe a shipyard and a great house for themes.

Works like a normal tc, but would give only characters from the chosen season.

I have been running four TC20’s for a long long time. I have all but maybe 3 of the 5 star characters available from season 1. All that I have been getting is food for my back burner characters (my good ones are already fully ascended). Help the game boredom at higher levels!

They have already released the Hero Academy building which can train non-classic 5 stars. So I don’t think SG will introduce any more buildings geared towards free 5 stars in the near future.

Although I wouldn’t mind them either revamping some levels of the HA or add Advanced Training Camp levels to allow training for chances at the unique non-classic 3* and 4* heroes. Some players do still want them too.

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We should be able to train feeders from a specific element.

Instead of having a TC2 giving us multiple elements feeders it would be nice to train just ice heroes as an example

It could be more expensive but I would make leveling heroes faster