Advanced Teltoc Lv 10

Hi people
Very happy … i done it
It is possible for those without 5* :smile: :smile:
I think Boril or Cyprian must be in line up :wink:




I did it with Kiril, Boril, Little John and Tiburtus all max and Sabina 3/50.

Last fight was hard and cost me 5 time stops, 4 bombs and 5 big healing and mana pots.

Very happy to have finished the Event. :sunny:

Aye, it is possible to do it. I used a Merlin (4/15), Gormek (maxed), Kiril (maxed), Caedmon (maxed), Wilbur (maxed) lineup and I pulled it off without any major problems.

I’ve managed to do it with two 3* :smile: My MVP is Proteus, but the rest was super useful too. They made a great team :+1:


Aww, I though you meant just those two, alone. :stuck_out_tongue:


Chuck Norris could do it with one 1* trainer couldn’t he?


If you have Hel or Proteus use them, I didn’t struggle at all because nobody could get their special off

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24min battle but doable without clutch heroes even. Mana. Mana control and/or riposte heroes would make these levels much easier as others have noted.

Wow 24 mins. 5 arrows, axes and bombs brings the bosses health down to roughly 50 percent after the carnage, which should make the fight a lot more manageable.

I just finished on my alt. I used Sonya, Falcon, Cyprian, Lancelot and Rigard. Dragon banners, axes, bombs, and dragon attacks. Had 3 banners left at the end. Had one hero alive: Falcon, at 23 health.

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I used Alby, Merlin, Gravemaker, Cedmon and Grimm. All maxed with Alby 4/51 and Merlin 4/27 with 8/8 special. Had everyone fully charged going into boss fight and started off by using all 5 of my arrows, axes, and bombs. Then after that it was pretty easily dismantling each boss

Exactly the team and items I used :slight_smile:

I kinda bumrushed it by a pretty good team (2x4*, 3x5*)and 5 Meteor strikes, but the tactics are pretty much the same for all dificulties.

  1. Enter with full mana
  2. Nuke with Axes or Meteor Strikes.
  3. Shield debuff (if you use 2xValen at the easy difficulty, Owl and Kong).
  4. Slam your abilities on Owl.
  5. Dispell if possible => Kongs Ice shield is highly annoying.

Try to take out in the following order: Owl-Kong-Panther


  • I find mana steal less important than in Avalon.
  • The above tactic and kill order is pretty good in all events, be it Teltoc, Pirates or Avalon. Taking out the middle guy takes the pain out of the fight.

Swiss army TC20 4 star team which would be able to crush both middle as advanced dificulty:

  • Melendor
  • Grimm (Kiril)
  • Sonya
  • Tibs
  • Boldtusk. (if you bring Kiril replace by Kellile or Gormek=> Strongly prefer BT due to the lack of strong red 4 star hitters).

10 Antidotes
20 small HP
5 Turtle banners
5 Meteor strikes.

Not the fastest team, but it should be no problem at all.

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