Advanced stage 19

Anyone have any advice for advanced stage 19? I took in two different teams…a 4k rainbow team and a full red stack. I can’t beat it. Mother north is so strong, she keeps reviving her 4 snowmen minions, and I just can’t seem to deal enough damage to kill her and her minions before her healing brings her back to higher than what she was before.

What teams or strategies did you’ll use?

I used 3 red 2 greens. Arrows, axe, bombs and dragon atk.

You can rely on wu kong or tarlak and prepare the board before entering the stage, trying to end before she can even do something using a tornado and a timestop.

Or you can relay on mana control.
Natalya, Little john, Hel, Proteus, Leonidas, Li xiu, Chao, Gretel, Hansel and Merlin can help you to simply not allow her to use her special.


Just bring a time stop with you.

If you have bring Ares, Wilbur, Jackal and Azlar with you for the mass damage.

Bring Wu/Tarlak if you have for the finisher.

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Wilbur-Merlin-Wukong-Khagan-Rigard(I’m using that and it works) :slight_smile:

After 15 minutes with all my heroes at full health and her at virtually full health I just fled. I will work on getting Victor leveled and bring Proteus and try again later.

I am not there yet but it sounds like all these minions and heros coming back could be rough.

What order would you take out the bosses? Sounds like MN should be first.

Use dragon attack and bombs. When she revives the minions they only have 10% life. You should kill them with one shot from either dragon or bomb attack. Also bring mana controlers if you have any. I just finished level 19. Hansel was a big help. Best of luck.


Thanks all. Used hansel, dragon attacks, and wu and was able to take it down. It was rough.

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This is trivial with proteus and some mana pots. Hansel, Gretel and Hel also work. If you have none of these, stack up some Time Stops.

Used Hel, Aeres, Gretel, Guin and BT. Brought them in at full mana and used 5 bombs which killed everything but her. From there I only used one mana pot on Gretel and MN didnt get a chance to cast once.

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I used sartana, magi, boldtusk, lianna, joon. With health potions and time stops. Preload all your heros the board before. Then bt and hit her with all your specials, then use a time stop anytime she gets close to full mana. Until you kill her with specials, then the rest is easy. But the last stage is alot harder, went through all my time stops, health potions, almost had mother north dead, then her, Santa, and buddy all fired off and before I got through the menions my team was dead.

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