Advanced Stage 10 - tips for the struggling folk


A lot of players say they have issues defeating the trio of bosses on the last stage of Advanced. I’m no expert, but what I can recommend you guys try:

  • always charge all of your skills before getting to next wave, especially the boss wave
  • if you want to be extra-prepared, also clean the board off useless color tiles - for example, remove blue tiles so that they don’t hit the boss needlessly giving it mana
  • try to focus one boss at a time when possible, if you spread your damage it will be more difficult to kill them
  • Guinevere: you can dispel her healing and protection buff with Sonya/Caedmon/Domitia/Panther(?)
  • Guinevere: if you are able to kill Arthur and Morgan with her healing going, she is the least threatening boss of all as she doesn’t deal any real damage so you can leave her for last and have a wet-rag hitting contest with her at the end
  • Morgan: do not forget about her DoT, your hero may look fine, but check the damage they will receive and if necessary use healing potions/mana up your healer and heal
  • take tough heroes with you, my Little John at 900 hp got completely shat on by Arthur who hit him for over 1000 damage lol


  • Arrow Attack: take a stack of Arrows with you and use them every time the debuff wears off the bosses, do NOT use Arrows before boss wave
  • Time Stop: your best friend. Use it when all 3 bosses have their mana stacked and your team is not in perfect shape
  • Tornado: can help you deal fast damage/dispel on command/heal better than mana potions (gives mana to everyone)

Desperation tactic:
If you’re struggling with a more subtle approach/don’t have good tools/heroes, take

  • Stack of Arrows [500 dmg]
  • Stack of Axes [1000 dmg]
  • Stack of Bombs [1500 dmg]
  • Stack of Dragon Attacks [2000 dmg]

That’s 5000 damage total dealt instantly. Provided you enter the boss wave with your entire team loaded you can probably finished the bosses with a few sneezes. This damage also does not stack the boss’ mana.

Is it worth it? That’s up to you to decide, though the only rare item here are the Dragon Attacks.

You have GOT to be kidding with Guinevere
Fix broken game

Thanks for posting - and extra special emphasis on Morgan, she’s a one hit KO over time if you aren’t really careful - 300+ damage per round!


…Morgan, she’s a one hit KO over time

ummm a one-hit KO can’t be “over time” :wink:


Well, she hits you once and that’s all she needs to knock you out. It may take 30 seconds or a minute for you to die, but die you will, absent some healing.

I’d say the description fits the bill. :grin:


LOL, that one hit does KO you…just not at that instant haha.


Morgan is actually stupid not only does she do 1300 damage that can’t be dispelled BUT she heals 300 health over each turn

Unless you have time stops or mana slowing heroes you’re not gonna win

So done with this dumb event


Load up on bombs and dragon attacks and use mana pots to charge your attacks. They’re beatable; they’re just a huge pain in the ■■■.

  1. Don’t have dragons

2 not wasting them on a shield , actually got one from a Titan yesterday


Totally worth it for me. I’ll just make more Dragon Attacks when my Iron maxes out again. It works, although Guinevere is still a pain in the ■■■■. Don’t use all the arrows in the first round. Just use 1 to blind Arthur, and repeat until he’s dead. Then throw the rest of them. Guinevere and Morgan never miss with their specials (which is SO broken!), so no need to blind them.

Another trick is to use Kiril for your blue hero. He heals and buffs attack and defense, so using his special is always helpful and never hurts you. If you have Alberich, use him. Getting mana every round with his special can really help boost your damage.


It CAN be dispelled if you kill her.


I’m having no problem getting to the boss without using any spells but I just get killed every time
I’ve tried 4 times now
And last special event I beat the boss first try with the same team…
What should I do I feel like almost giving up on this one?



Against 3 bosses who have buffs, two of whom have crazy good buffs and one heal over time (guen), you’re bringing zero dispellers. That’s not a good strategy. Also, I’m not sure albi is the best choice here.


I swapped out boril for lv 70 persious and beat it no problem I Still had 3 guys alive at the end!
I followed the advice i read here and took
5 bomb attacks
5 arrows
5 axes
3 revives
I had all my powers up going into final and shot all the attack potions then all my attacks on the far left character who was lowest health and took her out second round off attack abilities

Once the whole opened up I know I would win my potions took half the health away from all 3 before I even started the battle and with Alberich healing and boosting mana he also revived 3 kill shots from king author I made sure to only use my 3 revives potions on ably.

Persious really helped save the day over kiril. He stopped the non reflect characters from healing them selves.


I’m pretty sure Alberich was the reason I had a relatively easy time on Advanced compared to the last event. It wasn’t his res power, and only his healing to a limited extent, the key was the mana regen boost that kept my other characters firing healing, buffs, and direct special attacks much faster.



yeah no kidding eh?

good luck killing a 6k HP boss without getting hit once by her


But that’s exactly what happened. In the final boss level I used battle items and fully charged heroes and she went down without firing a shot.


I don’t have dragon attacks


I was able to do it with
3 revives

All cheap and easy to come by


It took me several tries with various setups. At some point I had both Cabin Boy Peters (maxed) and 70-Alberich with the idea that silencing, mana regen, possible resurrection and double green would be nice. Somehow it never worked.

Ultimately I took out Alberich, replaced him with a miracle scroll and used maxed Boldtusk, Cabin Boy, Wu Kong, Tiburtus and a 70-Vivica. While 2 yellows does not make too much sense as there is no purple boss, the combination of Wu Kong with the healing power of Vivica proved the key.

For items, I brought a miracle scroll to be used when 3 heroes went down (indeed had to use it), tornadoes to quickly refill mana and provide more combos, the full mana potions to refill some heroes when needed (1 for cabin boy to silence morgan again and later some for vivica) and 2 dragon attacks for a quick finisher.

I loaded up on mana and went all out on Morgan first. Using tiburtus and cabin boy’s specials before wu kong’s to ensure they’d hit. She managed to launch one special attack in between cabin boys silencings.

Arthur was next. Simply going all out with what I had, including the dragon attacks. It’s battles like these what the items are made for, I’d say. Just got to endure the stuff he and Guinevere throw at you. Keeping defense up with Vivica helped a lot.

Once Arthur is down and Guinevere is alone, she poses little of a threat. I don’t think I used a single item anymore at that point, just chip away at her :slight_smile: