Advanced Players, Should healers be placed in the wing or flank

To all my advanced players, should your healer be placed on the wing for survivability or the flank to activate quicker.

Also is it ever a good idea to have your only healer tank (with exception to Kashhrek).

It entirely depends on the team composition but I think as a general rule of thumb, it’s good to place a healer as a flank.

I’m definitely not much of a veteran/advanced player quite yet (I’m chillin’ in Silver), but I can definitely say that when the enemy brings a healer on the edge… if I get my first two kills, it’s a guaranteed victory.

On the flip side, if they put snipers or just plain DPS on the edge… well, it’s still anybody’s game.

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For offense or defense?

I tank Aeron for raids. He works great in that position, especially since I run a 3-2 purple-off color team for raids

On the other hand, when I see a yellow healer tank (Viv or Del), I take the raid because chances are I’ll win. I find both of them easy to kill.

A hero on the rear is usually going to be one of the last two of your heroes to be alive at the end, because the three middle heroes will usually die first. When a rear healer is finally charged enough to launch their heal, they are most likely going to be healing themselves and the rear hero on the other end, that’s not enough to be a game changer. I prefer the healer to be in the flank so they can hopefully launch their heal “around” the mid point of the battle, usually healing 3-4 heroes. This is better than healing 1-2 heroes. This “mid point” healing could turn the tide to your favor, whereas the “end point” healing is usually just going to prolong your defeat.


Flank for sure. Wing doesn’t give healers enough to charge, and by the time that they do, some of your heroes might already be dead. Only acceptions to that rule are Mother North and Alberich since they can revive. Plus, most healers are sturdy enough to take a few hits anyway. Instead, I would put fast mana snipers in the wings.

& Many people use their only healer as their tank, especially when it’s a solid tank like Kashhrek. Boldtusk also makes a great tank (for a healer), then there’s 5* like Guin and Ares. Their goal is to support their flanks enough to have them fight off the opposing team, rather than the tank doing most of the heavy lifting. Although, some healers just shouldn’t tank at all like Sabina or Melendor. & Honestly Kiril and Rigard make better flanks than tanks too.

In short, if your healer is a tanky hero, then they could tank for you and be your only healer. If they’re not, they should be flank. I wouldn’t put two healers up front though; makes it way too easy for the opponent to ram tiles at them for absolutely no consequences. Honestly, one healer on defense is usually plenty. Only time I’d do two is if one of them were Alby/MN in the left corner, and the other is tank or opposite side flank.


I agree with randapandah.

I’m assuming you are talking about raid defense. I think of raids as having three phases. This applies to close matches. Blowouts skip these but generally details are not important for them.

In a close match, the beginning phase has all five heroes on each team. The middle phase has the defense tank dead. This is where ghosting gives the attack team an advantage. The end phase is when both teams are down to one or two heroes. On defense, it’s generally the corners that survive. In this stage, you will want a fast Mana sniper to finish off a dying attack team. Healers generally will lose because attack team can benefit from ghosting to get Mana faster.

The only exception is if your healer can resurrect fallen teammates… Then they would be good in the end.

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It depends mostly on which healer you carry. If it is gin, kras, delilah etc will go from tank, if it is vivica, rigard, flank etc. What you never put is a slow healer like a wingman, they will kill him without acting.


I do apologize I should have been more specific, I’m referring to Defense.

Depends your team & the healer. No good or bad answers to this question imo

Thank you FinisgBJ those are my sentiments exactly. But I definitely value others opinions. I’m helping out an alliance buddy who is tanking with Delilah. Elena is another option for tank and I was thinking he should put Delilah on the flank.

But I wasn’t t quite sure if tank or flank would be more fitting.

Thank you Goldensurfer779, great way to break down the explanation in phases and the final phase is so important when it’s a sniper left standing as opposed to a healer.

I’d tank delilah
Tank job = absorb damage and live long enough for others to load up mana to fire

Delilah does that. You’re putting her there more to absorb damage and load up her allies with at least 1 damage absorbing minion before she dies. The heals will be early enough in the battle that they won’t be all that beneficial.

Alby and mother north, i would put on wings

Ares, delilah, guin, aeron, are healers i consider possible healing tanks since they give the opposition trouble at getting the rest of the team down.


I’ve held better cups with Delilah in the wing than in the flank (or tank). When a healer in is the flank it gives someone to throw tiles into when the tank is dead and charge up. Healers never charge fast enough to heal the tank. For my defense, I’m hoping my tank and one flank take out 2 or seriously hurt the other team before they die, and I’ve got a healed 3 heroes at full power to finish them off. That’s my philosophy.

Agree and as a good guide they should be left slot so they fire first.
Only exception is for raiding etc if you have triton then I would run triton in slot 1 then healer

Many good answers above on which healers can tank and how to use them on flank.

I have seen one legitimate usage of tanky healer on the wing: war defense team if war bonus is healing, in a small-medium level alliance. When that healer is the only hero left (the healing bar fills really quick), then people have a tendency to underestimate what team to take for the attack.


One buffing healer tank (Kash, Ares, Kiril, Boldtusk), one debuffing or with other special wing (Rigard, Mother North, Alby, Melendor, Sabina).
The tank heals the charging tile damage of all or saves your flanked snipers and/or may set some buffs and the wing will hopefully be loaded to heal the wounds of the first wave of specials.

Other wing can be one who hits all, e.g. Colen, Hu Tao to finish the second wave or a mana controller to prevent second or third wave of the opponent.

If you gaot a strong mana controller, you can test as tank, too. But I think, he will ofen be dead before beginning to work. Tank should heal in any way, cause he gets all the first damage. I prefer a healing tank like Kash, Ares or a buffing healer like Kiril or Boldtusk.

I experienced such raids as more difficult than if a shooting hero is tank.
Mana controler is 50/50 when team nearly as strong as mine.

Just add my 2 cents worth.
I personally run it on the wing my team with Kiril about 3850 and is the only 4 in my team and I don’t have any real specail hero’s in that team.
On the wing they tend to last longer for me and I run a kagan tank in middle, my team is not maxed out yet .
I run kiril for wars etc.swap out for raids which increase team to 3920 apx .
Highest rank I’ve been is 265 world and 3 nz and often have to punch above my weight .
I personally think it’s more about who’s linking to whom .
I would tell your guy to not worry about trophies etc just play around for a week as it won’t matter as once he finds his combos it’ll all come right.
Just remember we all still get our a$$ kicked always someone better or has way better team.
Mix it up and have fun with playing around .No stress it’s only a game, unless your like the you tube guy wasting all his cash …


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