Advanced mine = too little increase

Hi, hopefully this one will lead to a change.

I was looking into upgrading my Advanced Iron Mine (high level option) from level 8 to 9. But the increase in production is a meagure 170 iron bars per hour. The upgrade takes 6 days and 20 hours, or 164 hours in total. And since the mine does not produce while getting updraged, and the production rate at the given time is 4698 per hour, the loss of iron while upgrading is 770 472.

If we look of the minor increase which is 170 iron bars, it will take 4532 hours of productionto get back the loss. Or 188 days if you will.

Also the increase in production from level 20, to advanced levels of iron production is rediculasly low. So all in all the gained production by upgrading the mines takes well over a year to get back.

So my question is: WHY is it like this? The upgrade also costs 1,885 million food to updrage.

Anyone else agreeing with me that the increase should be upgraded drastically so there is a point in actually doing it!?

It is lame, but since it gotta be built, I went ahead and did it. Adv 10 finishes in about 36 hours, and then I don’t have to worry about it again until SH24 or 25 or whatever. But I could see the cost and reward weren’t going to be worth it for a long time. It is a head scratcher since we can only have 4 mines.


It should be changed so one can actually feel that it is a progression there. Also the increase in storage capacity is too darn low in the advanced storage units …


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