Advanced mine does not extend storage

I have upgraded advanced mine several times from 7lvl->8lvl and from 8lvl->9lvl (actual lvl) and after finished upgrade didn’t rise the storage capacity - ca +4k iron. Fix this please.

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Mines, including Advanced Mines, don’t increase your overall Iron Storage for your base — only Iron Storage buildings do that.

The “storage capacity” listed in the Advanced Mine upgrade is the temporary storage in the Mine itself, i.e. how much Iron can be held without maxing out before you collect it.

If you’re trying to hit the required Iron capacity for another upgrade, e.g. Stronghold 24, you need to upgrade your Advanced Iron Storage buildings.


@zephyr1 Thanks very much for fast reaction and explanation. You are right of course :)) I will better read all the hints next time :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


It is very common mistake

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