Advanced level quest - flag crazy

Really !, 10-15 flags to play the advanced level in morgovia 2 …for what is basically useless loot. This seems more like a ploy to just get people to buy more flags. I am done with playing events and quests.

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Have you realized that you have 16 days to finish it? I would not call a tabard and tools useless. We need to reach that far but still worth…


Hard mode is mandatory. The normal mode doesn’t look appealing to me

Reward wise the normal mode is just for the avatar :slight_smile:

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Morgovia is a province in Season 1, each level there requires 6 WE. The Event you are referring to is Return to Morlovia - and if you don’t think it is worth your while, then by all means, just ignore it.
The rest of us will enjoy the event in the next two weeks.


There’s freakin’ guaranteed dragon bones, orychalcum nuggets and meteor fragment (besides avatars, ascension items, coins and trainers)
And exploding pumpkins (same as explodings eggs) are so much fun.

Honestly, i rather do these events all the year.


I’d hardly call it useless. Not to mention you have 16 days to complete it, more than enough to time regen that world energy.


To be honest I find the epic troop token appealing enough, but that’s probably because the 4* troops I have aren’t mana troops. Either way SG should of thrown in a compass or gloves

10 down - 10 to go. That tabard is mine. If you did just 2 levels each day, you would still finish with days to spare (advanced, of course).

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Mayb a calendar item. If so, on a free day…

Think the adcanced one is doable with a 4 * team? I have done 7 stages with Kiril, Rigard, Wilbur, Chao and Cademon without using any items. But I am not sure how far I can go with this setup.


Wilbur will help. Time stops should help too with the bosses. Time stop, activate Wilbur and the whole team with mana potions. Wilbur first then snipers

Let us know how it goes! I’m using a mostly 4* team (have Magni for frosting on top).

Throw in some battle items and/or focus on red, blue and purple pumpkins. They will fill the mana of your survivability increasing heroes. :slight_smile:

Absolutly worth it fun and time consuming pulled 5th 4 yellow troop from the normal on to the hard mode :wink:

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totally agree. I like the gameplay.

If you don’t watch those pumpkins can wipe you out. I almost lost because I didn’t pay attention. A few items and Rigard was able to pull it out though.

I just pulled my 1st yellow 4* troop with a token from a raid chest (unrelated but still cool after 10 months or so.)

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Congrats any good news is news :wink:

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I auto and died lol love it


Thanks, been a long time coming.

haha thats awesome.

This also makes it hard to color stack because you will still need to clear pumpkins of unused colors.

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