Advanced Level Event is waaaaaaay harder than last time - UPDATE: Apology to the Devs

I know this for a FACT because I was able to beat the final bosses two months ago, and I have added a 5 star and leveled all my 4 stars to max since then, and I was UNABLE to defeat the final bosses this time.



I apologize to the devs for my remarks. You guys were right, I was wrong.

I retried the level after watching a video and changing my tactics.

Here’s my solution:

I happened to have Boril hanging around idle, so I quickly ascended him to Tier 2 level 1, special at 3.

Lineup, left to right:

Falcon, Scarlett, Boril, Sartana, Melendor.


Arrows, healing vials, mana vials, bombs.

I had to use 75 gems to revive them ONCE, after Panther was dead. I focused Falcon and Scarlett on Panther instead of hitting all 3 bosses - DUH!

At the end, Owl and Kong killed themselves as I didn’t even get enough red tiles to fire Falcon or Scarlett for the last TEN TURNS.

Boril was the MAIN factor. And he was very weak. I just focused on keeping him and Melendor alive and charged. Timing was relatively important, and not wasting turns. Took my time and in the end it was actually kind of easy. Death blow was Owl exploding his special at me and then dying.

I DID use up ALL my items and at the end Boril and Melendor were dead but Owl hit Scarlett and Sartana and died because they were still sitting on Perfect Riposte.

Again I apologize to the Devs and the community for my immature outburst.

This game rocks!


Edited to remove silly outburst.

Either bad board or a bad moves, I was able to beat it in one try with this team

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@Denys, thanks for sharing. I can’t say that I am looking forward to the final bosses, the first level anaconda constructs were way tougher than last time.


I only beat it thanks to alberich who revived everyone at the end and perfect riposte lol

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Gotta love Alberich :heart_eyes:

I think you had a bad board too. I beat it with my all 4* team. I am even in spot 24 currently (expecting to drop). I did have to replay 2 levels due to bad boards (or not bad, but strong on my missing colors). And replayed levels to better my score of course.

I wasn’t able to finish intermediate two months ago, now I finished advanced with full health and no losses, without 5* heroes. I used 2x Time Stop just to be safe. I agree this bosses are a bit tricky, killing one asap is the key. I always smashed Kong first, he is the least dangerous. I took Boldtusk+Gormek so I was doing pretty high damage with red tiles and his buff against blue was useless. With a gap the rest was easy, but the stage took me 15 minutes total, I wasn’t after high rank anyway, just the completion reward.

Team: Boldtusk, Gormek, Grimm, Sabina, WuKong - all maxed, 1-3 lvl troops

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I used:

Falcon - maxed
Sonya - maxed

2 Tornadoes
5 mana potions
1 miracle scroll
5 potent health

The bosses repeatedly attacked Melendor until I was out of everything.

I tried this THREE TIMES.

Never even got close.

Just tried again.



175 gems.

The bosses UNFAILINGLY went after Melendor until I was out of items.

Left standing:

Owl - 3/4 health
Panther - Half health


For a single healer I would pick someone more tanky like Rigard, especially if you don’t take antidotes. Anyway, I don’t think it’s fair to expect that you can beat the bosses with any setup. It takes some planning and proper team. Next challenge may work better for you.

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Except I beat them last time.

Got smashed first time around with maxed caed, boril, sabina, wu, lvl 70 marjana. Went in with chuck method second time and smashed them back. Take dragon attack, bombs, axes and mana pots for melendor. Save the attack items for the bosses and unload all. Wont leave much health left for your troops and heroes to take off but they’ll get over it.

I finished the advanced levels without losing and without using any items - and I’m not very good. I feel like this event was about the same level of difficulty as the last one, maybe even a bit easier.

Perhaps your playing skills have deteriorated in the meantime? You seem angry: have you suffered any life trauma that might have impeded your efficacy?

Back to your old flaming habits Brobb? :wink:

Darn it, did I give that impression?! I better add some emoticons, fast:

:grinning: :grinning: :grinning:

Yes, of course, logical … With Alberich the healer and re-conjuror no problem … This guy is ■■■■ especially in PvP …

You belong in the EvE forum. What’s next, you gonna ask if you can haz my stuff?

I would not dream of it. You certainly ought to keep all of your stuff.

(Unless it makes you unhappy. Then you should give it away. :wink:)

I haven’t tried Advanced yet, but I always take Antidotes, especially on Boss battles. Hmm.

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