Advanced iron mine L2 didn't increase max iron storage

I need 2323k iron to increase hunters lodge to L2. With maxed out iron storage and mines I could only store 2322K. I converted iron mine to advanced iron mine L1. I then upgraded advanced iron mine to L2. It showed I would gain an increase in iron storage (I just need 1k). I don’t recall the specific figure it showed but it was >1k.

Upon completion of advanced iron mine L2, max iron storage is still at 2322K

The storage number specified on mines is how much iron they can accrue until they max out and need to be emptied. This amount doesn’t count toward your total iron storage capacity, though; you need to upgrade an iron storage building to increase total capacity.


Guess I forgot that was the case, it’s been ages since I maxed those out. Thanks for the reminder.

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