Advanced house level 2 does not work properly

At second level it was described it should produce 1+1 recruits each hour, means 2 per hour, but it still produces only one recruite. It seems to be bugged as the upgrading should have increased this. Does someone else has this issue?

I show that 2nd level does not add any recruits per hour


Strange, either I am wrong but I am somehow sure it DOES showed me 1+1 that´s why I choose to upgrade it to level 2 !

@BWF, the 1+1 is at Level 3

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Well in the long run it’s not going to hurt too much, since you really want to get to that +5 per hour. But I also thought as you and had to check it to be sure.

A simple way to remember it is that every other upgrade gets you no recruit production increase.
from Mariamne…


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