Advanced hero levelling - worst idea ever

So SG is introducing advanced hero levelling in new beta and it will be soon live in the game

Advanced hero levelling:

  • New item called a “limit breaker”
    -Gain “limit breakers” via a new “limit breaker quest”
    -Come in 5 elements & 3 rarities. Rare, epic and Legendary.
    -Each limit breaker increases Max level by +5.
    -You can apply only 1x limit breaker per hero. However each additional level gives quite a considerable stat boost.
    -Once limit broken, advancing the additional new levels will cost food, iron, exp and ascension items; quantity will depend on the rarity of the hero.

cmon you maxed a hero
then they introduced emblems and we need to max them to +20
then they introduced costumes instead of free buff/ rebalance for the game

and now this advanced max s h i i t
more and more and more
kill the game SG yes

they are pissing off all players, new and veteran, we can never max any heroes, always more to come
money money money, they only have this word in mind


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