Advanced food storage

my advanced food storage is not expanding my capacity of food I am building lvl 3 and there’s still no increase

What is your total food storage capacity now? Can you provide us a screenshot?

this is my capacity with the lvl 3 advanced food in process

Any screenshot where adv food storage is visible too?

no advance storage as was told all I needed was advanced food to be able to research harpoons

Sorry but I don’t understand. You reported a bug that your level 3 advanced food storage doesn’t increase your food capacity, and now you’re saying you don’t have advanced food storage?

Can you tap the adv storage building in progress, tap the “?” icon and make a screenshot?

Maybe there’s a bug that storage doesn’t increase capacity when it’s being upgraded to higher lvl but that would be strange

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the advanced food building should have slightly increased my storage it hasn’t

@shadmist Shadmist, it sounds like maybe you’ve misunderstood something.

Screenshot all your food storage buildings and we can clear this up for you.

You can’t get over 2700 k without an advanced food storage as far as I know, so it seems to have done something…

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No food buildings don’t increase overall food storage.

Levelling a farm increases the storage OF THAT FARM ONLY, so you can leave it a longer time before collecting food from that farm.

But it doesn’t increase overall storage.

Whoever told you that it would is wrong.


I’ll build a advanced storage next then this will increase storage to enable me to research harpoon yes it was a player in global that told me all o needed was advanced food building

Yes, that is correct. I am researching giant harpoon but I had to do food storage first.

This forum is better for asvice than global chat.

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thanks for clearing this up

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