Advanced Farm and Mine Analysis

I just got my first (blue). I’m now out of 2 and 3 star troops. I ran out of 1 star reds and my red is 18 or 19. Green and yellow I need more 2 star. A lot more.

Purple… I need a freaking mana troop.

Hoarding Food

This is a good list.


Some more in depth posts.

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Click through to posts to see actual math and other related information.

Before Hero Academy

After Hero Academy


Hero Academy 2 — fastest way to level a hero. But actually uses less food (net) than TC19.

You mean HA3. HA2 actually uses iron for training common troops. But thanks for the list !

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Thanks for the info. However my Stronghold is still at level 17, after all, I am only 2 and a half months in this game, so no TC 19 or 20 or alchemy lab for me yet. But yeah I make tons of mana potions, I already use them and I see they are needed on many occasions. Probably I should start training 1s and burning through my wooden swords, that would help. My 3 and 4* troops are leveled, however I cannot find the time to upgrade the barracks yet since I am still developing the base, so there are tons more important upgrades to do, plus I really lack on feeder 1* and 2* troops - burned through almost all of them.

@Zathrus - thanks for the info, I definitely don’t want to just waste food for no benefit (I prefer rerolling when filling the hero chest, that helps a bit). Improving storages, however, doesn’t help as much as you would think - I accumulate resources much faster than I burn them via upgrades. Probably there is something wrong with my playstyle or eventually everything will normalize after I get Hunter’s Lodge and Alchemy lab. Thank you everyone, I wanted to see if I missed something at my current Stronghold level, by the looks of it and your advice - seems I didn’t.

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Getting off topic here, but my priority at the start was SH so I could get to TC20; everything else was done towards that. If you have VIP then you can find time to sneak in a few barracks upgrades too, but it definitely feels like so much to do.

Nah. I found myself in the same dilemma. Still do, a year and a half in. I’m perpetually running near max food/iron and finding things to do to keep from hitting max.

Added rerolls to the list and fixed the HA level as pointed out by @Blord.

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