Advanced Building Idea: Item Upgrade Shop


Much like the Troop building, this would be an Advanced Building you can convert one of your buildings to, likely a workshop. It would allow conversion of lesser items into greater items. Using resource costs as a guideline, you could convert lesser healing potions into healing potions, healing potions into greater healing potions, and etc.

It could then be used to upgrade healing potions, antidotes, mana potions, arrows into axes, and etc.

At the highest levels of upgrade of the building, maybe even allow crafting large number of small ascension mats into greater ascension mats. This would make for adding perhaps a costly and time intensive means of getting the currently completely random to get ascension mats.

It would seem to be a highly logical means of solving many complaints people have of getting mats for higher level battle goods as well as highest level ascension mats.


Would there be a limitation, based on whether you had reached/researched an item before in-game? i.e., if you haven’t upgraded your Forge to the right level AND researched Dragon Flags, such items would not be available to you in this new building?


I would say no. In my opinion, if you are willing to pay like double/triple/more then the cost that it would have to craft the end product then it really only makes sense if you are doing it to dimish mats you will no longer need.

Plus it doesn’t apply researching ascension mats because crafting those isn’t in game at all.

Or if you want to get even more clever, make the trade recipe something to learn. Research trading 3 lesser healing pots before you can trade them, research trading lesser antidotes before you can do that, and so on.


I like this idea, especially since we get things like minor healing and mana potions, which let’s be honest, we’ll never use once we get access to regular and super potions.


Right, and makes the reoccurring Gain Battle items maybe not so useless.


I really agree with you, but mainly to the part related to create or convert ascension items into greater ones.