Advanced Auto play, is what we need

Auto play is great, saves time and lets us make coffee while the game defeats whole creeps for us. But all we know manual play is more advanced, we can use heros special skill more efficently. I would like to see game could provide us better auto play in 2019 like;

  • Healers should not be active every time, it should check the healt of each alive heros healt if one of them is under %80-%90 then the healer should heal.

  • if there is a diamond chanse system should detect it is stead of wasting it!!

  • Splash skills should target to middle of team

  • We know where we can play auto, we sense it, no one wants to lose energy, so if a heros special skill effect is still on the team, activated hero should not use its speacial skill should wait next time.

  • When is time to face BOSS most powerfull speacial skill attach should target the Boss first.

*Speed boost would be great. Most of the time we need Recruits with lees energy. So we attack the weak creeps it takes much time.

what more we can add?

@JonahTheBard you will like the post I am not compalining this time. Do we have chanse to see advanced auto play in 2019?

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