Advanced alliance manage features

Plese create advanced manage features to alliances.

  • Possibility to view members heroes to plan a defense or color tank in war
  • Show quantity of atks done to the current titan by each member
  • Possibility to set a titan damage goal to each member

I would be glad to pay for those features if possible.
Please create manage featues.

Welcome to the forum.

We use the Line app to share hero rosters. I know people also use Discord for this too.

Rather than the number of attacks, we track total titan damage. We use to track individual titan hits but that meant scrolling through and manually recording individual titan hits.

Players have asked for a way to monitor who is throwing harpoons, that is yet to materialise. Monitoring the number of titan hits per player… Idk.

Again this can be communicated through an outside app like Line or Discord.


As @Sarah2 has mentioned, Line and Discord is a great way to share hero rosters .
Also HeroPlan is an awesome tool to plan , organizing, share etc., your roster. Credit to @GDIBass :wink:
Check it out:

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Welcome! Our alliance also uses line but yes your idea would be very useful. I have albums full of screenshots but they have to be constantly updated if I or any of my war generals had the ability to see everyone’s complete setup on demand life would be easier. As for the ability to see titan attacks made we already currently can although a pen and paper are needed and as for setting goals this can already be achieved in game or via other social media apps. Try to remember that the more you ask for the more coding has to be done. This takes time, effort and money.

1 - 'Share your heroes' function – letting alliance members view your roster [MASTER]

2 - Better Titan attack stats – show number of Flags Used/Attacks Made in Addition to Score

3 - Not entirely sure what you’re meaning with that one. Maybe as it appears to be a unique idea you can create a specific thread for it with some more details about how you envisage it working.

Duplicate ideas.

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