Advance buildings too expensive

Advance building cost too much in time and materials for little return.

They do keep that extra builder I keep paying for busy though

7 days to upgrade a mine to produce 150 pieces of iron at large amount of food.

I haven’t done the math, but I’m fairly certain there are increasing diminishing returns the higher you level your buildings. I still want the upgrades because every little bit helps in the long run.

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Here’s a little analysis thread on the returns of the Iron Mine & Farm:

Also its worth mentioning that nothing is going to change on this front… There are already too many people who have progressed & even completed the advanced buildings for them to change it…

Changing it now would be grossly unfair to all the people who have already spent the food/iron…

Like it or hate it, its the way it is.

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I could be wrong, but I felt the trade-off wasn’t that bad since they could be done concurrently and they are the cheapest of the upgrades. If it slowed me down compared to my alliance I’m only at most a day or two behind the person with most upgraded buildings.

@Guvnor thank you. Interesting analysis.

I didn’t think it too bad either…

Just needed a little bit of staggering & planning to get it right…

But then I come from the background of having everyhting in ‘normal’ buildings maxed & do my raids purely to get resources…

So I usually am swimming in Iron & Food so have it full by the time that the next building is ready to be upgraded.

Since you guys dropped the ball, when you finally do release it, make the resource costs to upgrade it and time it takes to upgrade it minimal. (I.E. 10-25% of whatever numbers you bake up)


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