Ads on the game?

Anyone else getting ads on start up? The last few times I’ve opened the game it begins with an ad.

What do you mean by ads…the pop up promotions to purchase a product in game?

No, when I start my game there is a short video ad (similar to the one in-game) that plays for about 3-5 secs. only. Then my sign in is as usual.

It’s weird though because is it not everytime. Seems random. Has SG started running ads?

Humm… interesting, it’s not happening on my phone.

Wonder if it’s an issue with my phone then? I’ll clear the cache and browser memory. Maybe that will help. Strange.

I have not seen that either on android.

Downloaded AVG free version and ran scan. A few issues were identified. It seems to have done the trick. Must have picked up some adware. I’m guessing…