Ads (mystic vision) should inherit sound settings

So… I’ve had a hard time placing this in “Ideas & Feature Requests” because to me it’s an outright bug - and has been previously flagged as such in this forum.

Also… It’s version 2.0 of television and cinema advertising at increased volume, something we got fed up by at least twenty years ago.

So, to the point:
Why on earth ads within Empires & Puzzles don’t inherit the sound settings of the game, more specifically muting?

I don’t need an explanation as to why this happens - I know the answer - I just believe that it is an abuse towards clients, a circumstance that has been acknowledged in many countries for loud advertising on TV, radio and even public transport or spaces.

On a more personal note, I live in countries where exposing others to your devices sounds is considered extremely unpolite or can even be fined - and I agree.
Not only it is embarrassing to bother people by clicking on MV without thinking twice of your phone sound settings, the “quality” of the dialogue involved in most ads makes it even worse considering its kindergarten level.

I’m playing an app that is silenced, I expect that property to be inherited by everything within that app or launched by that app.

So, if there’s a way to do that I’m open to advise but I still think that should be the default.

100% support this, in addition, some ads now make it impossible to tap on the mute ad button (there isn’t one). Or, difficult to tap on either the mute or close buttons, you end up on your app store most of the time. Super invasive.

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It’s very annoying that’s for sure, but I always ensure my media volume is turned down before playing any game, this makes it silent anyway. Obviously there are times i forget but that’s on me.

When you turn sounds off in the app, you are telling it you don’t want sfx or music, not muting the whole app unless I’m not understanding correctly?

I’m out of votes, but fully support this. Been badly startled by blaring ads more than once

It’s been even worse recently for me, with some ads having their own mute button that only appears for the first second or so of the ad, after which trying to click it just clicks through. I already report enough blatant pornographic/soft-porn ads, so would rather not report all of those as well.