Ads For Epic Summons

Considering that E&P draws revenue from Ads, what if they had an option for multiple ad viewings in order to gain Troop summons and Epic Hero summons? Like, currently you can watch an ad for a daily summon, what if they had a daily counter for the others? For example, watch 5 ads across 5 days for a troop and 10 across 10 days for an epic? In addition to giving us players free summons, it would help E&P draw ad revenue from free to play as well as helping them stay more competitive. Hypothetically the same idea could work for a random chance for 5 costume keys, 100 Atlantis coins, etc.

:thinking: :thinking: I think I like it. Sounds like a good idea. You have my vote

Game well :sunglasses:


They can’t have any margin of error. And by margin of error, I mean getting a 5* from a free pull.

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I’m just as jaded my homie

In E&P’s ideal world, when you get a EHT in the MV, it is paywalled. You just get a 50% discount

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Yeah, I figure that if they can do ads then at least it’ll be free

I like they way you’re thinking about the win-win. Some people seem to forget this is a for-profit company and not a charity.

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Right, it’s still a business and they may be more inclined to implement it if they can make money off it

To be honest, we do not know what they get from the current ads, if it were a reasonable amount I could see them consider doing this too.
Personally, I agree with this idea and I would make use of this feature if it was implemented but this would depend heavily on how much they could make from it.

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