Ads covering materials

Hi. Has anyone else got an issue with collecting items on the right hand side of their base. With the third ad on that side, it’s taken multiple attempts to collect from my forage as it kept selecting the ad on that side. Is there a way to reduce the ads from the screen or limit how many appear? 3 on one side, one on top of 3 options on the other and a goblin chest i have no interest in redeeming just cluters up the base

No, and unfortunately the direction of travel is just for more junk.

A workaround is to move your forges and put stores in that position, then you don’t need to keep tapping them.

It reminds me of Ready Player One


And ironically my meme’s right margin doesn’t fit…


Hahaha. Maybe blocking the right is an advertising ploy! It all makes sense now lol

Thanks for the advice :slight_smile:

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