Ads/advertisement shown during fights?

I don’t know if it’s a coincidence or not but after update to v24.1, sometimes I have ads shown during fights, including when fighting titans! The ads like the one on mystic vision hence occupying the entire screen…

It’s really annoying …

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Most likely a 3rd party app

Had same issue for awhile and had to download an app to find apps that were spamming advertising on my phone. Empires and puzzles wasnt on the list of apps it found and I’ve never had a problem since uninstalling the apps it did find


Hi thanks.
Which app did you download to find spamming apps?

Crap I’ll have to search the forum. Was hopin @zephyr1 would have done it by now lol

I’ll look

Well dam i didnt mention what app i used in my original post about this issue. But I’ll look around google play and see if anything rings a bell

Be back in a few

@untaker apple or android?

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It’s Android for me. Thanks

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Think ad detect plugin is what i used i believe

I uninstalled it after it showed me which apps were spamming ads(1 was some graphic background creator and i dont remember the other, but both free apps and both were spamming the crap out of ads)

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