Admiring dedicated players

I admire players such as heart for maxing out 2* heroes with emblem. Actually the Top 5 players have all their heroes maxed on emblem. I also randomly peeked players in the top 100 and almost all have their heroes emblemized.

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Just some guys who know before that will be 2* tournament…:weary::weary::weary::weary: i don’t think that someone will level up 1* troops just for fun​:thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking:

And for what? The rewards, for being in those 1%, are a stupid joke.

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Oh, didn’t know ascension mats were a stupid joke…

Someone in my alliance has every 2* maxed (no emblems that I’m aware of) and hey levelled up their troops today.

Being mat locked can make you do strange things lmao


U’r right…my bad.
I am greatful for the strong rope and the wooden shield.

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Sometimes, participating and achieving highly are fun in their own right.

And I’ve scored top 1% before and got great loot, so I think it’s worth a punt for a handful of feeders.


That was my observation, too, so I try to be more competitive :smiley:

And my alt even got some hidden blades and an EHT from 25 % in the last tournament, maybe I was just lucky :smiley:


Well, yes, but you make your own luck by competing.

Top 10% has a 1% chance of 4* mats.

But not entering has 0%


We both got lucky. Used mine right away because out of blue projects. Got Brienne.

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if you look at his (heart) alliance and then u look at his profile you will see, that he seems to be building up his roster at the moment. so I guess those +20 2* heroes are his heroes which are in use very often. I don’t think he built this team for the tournament only …

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But with level 39? Oo

I’ve seen some players in top 100 with level below 30 who are more likely to build their roster :slight_smile: I hope they’ll succeed and get some good loot :smiley:

It makes a sense for 3* heroes which people regolary use on monthly event and tournaments, but that’s the first time after some months we had a 2* tournament, and i guess the pace will be more or less this.

It’s not so much emblems, still drop rates are really low and you want to make the best use of every single one.

Talent a 2* for a tournament once every couple months doesn’t seems to me a great idea, expecially because you can easily reach top 1% even without it.

So you just do it for that once-in-a-while chart.

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Or 30 emblems, for that matter…

You got strong rope and wooden shield for top1%? That’s wierd… every time I was top1% I got at least one unfarmable AM and about 20 or 30 emblems… top5% also brought decent rewards every time.


Great…lucky you :wink:
…20 daggers

Someone in my alliance has every 2* maxed (no emblems that I’m aware of) and hey levelled up their troops today.
Wow! :slight_smile:

I got more 3* AMs from the tournament than from placing A+ on 9* and 10* titans.