Adjustments to heals with fixed numbers, not percentages

With all the new and high health heroes, plus the two limit breaks, certain healers that regenerate a fixed amount of health, not a percentage, are obsolete. Garnet, Vivica CC, and others don’t heal as much as they did when they were first released. In certain situations, they don’t even purge the most powerful demons, something they did when they were released. Vivica’s CC 660 healing points, for example, today do not reach 35% of several heroes. Perhaps this should be revised.

Not sure if this needs doing. If memory serves all of the ones where it lists a number is either over time so easiest to see as a number, or excess is added as boosted health.

As an example, where it’s adding as boosted I think it might soon be unfair for 42%plus bonuses from troops, emblems, buffs where hero is already almost full health and it all goes on top.

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A suggestion to fix that could be to let the fixed amounts of healing scale with the attack stat as Damage over Time actually does.

It wouldn’t an excessive increase in that way but it would be much more balanced than other alternatives.