Adjusting star rating of ascension materials

How about redoing the star rating of ascension materials to be 1 - 5*? 1 and 2* are unchanged. 3* represents only farmable current 3* items. 4* represents what was previously 3* unfarmable items. 5* represents what was previously 4* items.


  1. The star ratings of heroes would match the star rating of ascension materials required to take them to their maximum tier.
  2. The star rating of ascension items would match their rarity
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Yes, when there is an opportunity to get a 3* unfarmable ascension item, the chance of getting unfarmable and farmable items is the same. However, there are far more opportunities to get farmable items, thus making the rarity of farmable versus unfarmable items for the player very different. Star ratings should reflect rarity of items for the player, not the devs.

This is a relatively minor quality of life improvement, but I think it makes a lot of sense compared to the current scheme. When I started playing I had no idea that some 3* ascension items are a lot more valuable than other 3* ascension items.

Since farmable and unfarmable 3* items are already treated differently, I think the work involved for the devs would be extremely minor.

I agree 100%. This is an easy change that would make the game design cleaner (5* heroes need 5* mats, 4* heroes need 4* mats) and clear up any confusion for new players about the farmable and non-farmable 3* mats.


I do believe this would be easier to understand for newer players, giving a more accurate representation of rarity.

Good suggestion! :+1:


I like this idea too.
However, it will require a revision of all loot generators. I don’t think game DEVs will like this idea.


I don’t think it would require a revision of loot generators (other than labeling). The rarity of farmable versus non-farmable ascension items is already obviously very different. This change wouldn’t require any changes to probabilities for any item. It is just a labeling change.

Although I am not entirely opposed to the change, I disagree that it would not require any type of alterations to the probability drops. If you compare loot drops over a long period of time from various sources (wanted missions, mystic visions, titans), you will probably notice that you get sturdy shields at approximately the same rate as scabbards in the loot boxes opened. This is because both items have the same value in those specific random loot generators (3*). In order for those 3* nonfarmable ascension items to truly merit being called 4*, they would need to have a lower drop rate from the loot boxes than other 3* items and just switching the label of these items without changing the probability is dishonest to what it means for an item to have a certain number of stars.

Mezbot - I suspect that the drop rates aren’t the same, but I don’t know the odds for those particular sources (wanted missions, mystic visions, & titans) so I won’t argue it. Regardless, it is a tangent to the main point. You still don’t need to change the probabilities. Even if some 3* items and 4* items had the same drop rate for particular sources . . . that would be a much smaller problem than the current situation where some 3* items are much, much more valuable than other 3* items.

I disagree that items with the same number of stars should be equally as valuable. Look at battle items. Both the Miracle Scroll and the Tornadoes are 4* items. There is a reason for this: because they do come up occasionally in loot drops at identical frequencies to each other. Yet, tornadoes are widely agreed to be much more valuable than the miracle scrolls. Look at heroes. Compare 4* Caedmon to 4* Skittleskull. Both of them can be obtained at the same frequency from summons.Yet, Caedmon is widely agreed to be a much more valuable card to have. In conclusion, I believe the number of stars that an item has should say nothing about how useful or valuable it will be to the player, only a reflection of the frequency at which it appears in random loot/summon generators. As such, I am perfectly fine with keeping the stars the way it is and am a strong advocate for being a student of the game in order to understand what items are more valuable and which ones aren’t.

Voting for this because of this thread: 🧪 The Beta Beat (v23) – Sharing the Big Picture on What's Going on in Beta: Stronghold 22/23 & Alchemy Lab, New Challenge Event Heroes, Costumes

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I TOTALLY agree! Absolutely would make a lot of sense. It bugged me so much that a few months ago I even listed how it should be broken out, and I will list them here (info taken from

1* 2* 3* 4* 5*
practice sword leather armor arcane scripts chainmail shirt damascus blade
rugged clothes wooden shield strong rope scabbard tomb of tactics
training manual dagger battle manual
adventurer’s kit tall boots
sharpening stone compass
fine gloves
hidden blade mystic rings
warm cape farsight telescope
sturdy shield mysterious tonic
orb of magic poison darts
trap tools royal tabard

*Note underlined items are NOT farmable, and their stars should be orange, or something other than yellow, so they easily stand out as higher value ascension items.

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You’ve got my vote. It’s very disappointing to get 3* titan/war/tournament loot and have it be a scabbard. And the game even pauses on it and plays the little jingle as if to taunt me. If I wanted a scabbard, I’d farm it on S2:P3 and complete my Poison Mist mission at the same time. :expressionless:

I’m not that new anymore (about 8 months into playing), and having AM’s for 5* heroes labeled 4* and AM’s for 4* heroes labeled 3* still annoys the hell outta me!


Unfarmables should be 4* or 5* depending on the use for epics and legends. Other items could stay as now.

Tactical Tomes, Damascus Blades, Tabards, Rings, Darts, Telescopes, Tonics

Orbs, Warm Capes, Traptools, Sturdy Shields, Hidden Blades, Fine Gloves, Compasses

And they should slightly increase the odds of gaining them…

I agree w/ unfarmables being redesignated 4* & 5*, but I disagree w/ changing the farmable designations. The way you have it would have farmable and unfarmable 4* AM’s all jumbled up together—the very thing that is already so annoying!

There are a few 4* items listed that are farmable because the first time they are needed is to ascend 4* heroes. Those can easily be dropped to 3* and then all 4* and 5* items would be unfarmable.

Thay will be you. From mid level 35 to begining level 37 I haven’t gotten a single non farmable 3* mat for a 4* heroe while completing my wanted missions. Just lots of battle manuals and chain shirts again and again, and sometimes a few gems and emblems. I am starting to believe there is a bug in the game.

I think it’s a good idea. The system now it’s very frustrating and confusing.

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