Adjusting Hero Power numbers again

I know quite awhile back it was poled and then implemented of reducing total power numbers especially on unascended heroes. This was done to improve war matching as prior the numbers didn’t really matter. I’m happy with the way matchmaking has been going, I’m not sure what the devs feel about it overall. Here Is my idea.

Adjust the hero power number to best reflect that hero’s war usefulness. This would start to create a bigger gap in what I will call the heroes Actual Power. Quick example using 4* thier Power ends up in the 640 range. But is a team of Hutao and Skitterskull come close to Hansels and Gretels? I don’t think so. So if we keep 640 as a base number for avg heroes, we could scale Hutao down to 630 or 620, while scaling the most powerful up to 650 or 660.

I think it would take some time and a group of dedicated players to work with SSG and get the numbers real close before rolling it out. Hopefully this was fairly understandable. Thank you

I agree with what you’re proposing. I think it would require SG to acknowledge how much weaker some heroes are than others at a given tier, so it’s unlikely to happen. But it would likely improve war matching, and decrease the complaints about losing to “weaker” teams.

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