Adjusted loot for different alliance sizes

Let’s see… you want to get the lion’s pelt by killing the hyena… hmmm… and you’re surprised that the lion hunters don’t agree… interesting point of view…


Wow y’all love to make such exaggerations. For the numerous time, I DO NOT expect 4* mats to just be given to me!

I would just like a chance to have the odds of getting a 4* mat, even if it is incredibly low. And if you read the damn thread, turns out there are 5* rare titans, which is a challenge for my alliance to get to. So I am all good now. 5* titans is a challenge, so now my alliance has their challenge to reach and the ability to find a rare Titan and the possibility of getting a 4* mat (even if the odds are still low)

Ok let’s continue this analogy…

Not everyone enjoys playing sports the same way.

In track or swimming, some people want the chance to get gold in the Olympics for working together and getting the best time in a group medley. Some people want to win a much smaller scope such as the 100 meter dash. In gymnastics, you may win the gold for overall team performance, but one could also compete and win the gold for individual performances

I hate to contradict you, @FroggyRay, but that’s exactly what you said you wanted:

It’s a basic principle of the game that the higher level the titan, the better the loot. If you want to defeat more higher-level titans, you’ll need a bigger alliance, with all the coordination and obligations that entails. If the rewards bar were lowered to reflect smaller alliance sizes, there wouldn’t be any incentive to form larger alliances at all.

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Like I said before, it is a restricting play style. Which was the entire point of the thread before. I didn’t make the post to complain, I made the post to hope to make a change.

And I’ve talked about the incentives multiple times throughout this thread. Some people want a big alliance and the glory to say they defeat the biggest Titan. It also brings more intense wars too, which people like.

As this thread has discussed, a 13* Titan doesn’t guarantee a 4* mat. Just that the rare ones provide additional odds. I have already found out that there are 5* rare titans so this thread is all good, that is a solid challenge for my alliance to get to. I don’t need the same rewards as a 13* Titan, I just want the challenge for the opportunity to have the potential to get a 4* mat, which I found out there is with the 5* rare Titan.

Also, this “how will people be incentivized?” line is super lame, people need to incentivize themselves to continue playing a game for as long as all of us have. What incentive does making the top 100 give you? Do you get tons of rewards for making it? Do you get EHT or 4* mats for being in the top 100? No. Well, why are people incentivized to make top 100 then? Cause they just want to, it’s a goal that makes them happy, it’s a challenge, and it’s fun. So maybe some people’s incentive is to make the biggest alliance possible and have the glory to brag that they defeated the biggest Titan possible or maybe the incentive is to see how high of a Titan you can reach with the smallest alliance possible. Both are challenging goals and both should be valid ways to play the game. Which, I have found out does work because there are 5* rare titans.

I should delete this thread so I don’t keep getting this same response over and over

No offense, but if you’re going to keep saying the same thing over and over, whilst complaining that you keep getting this same response over and over (and denying that you’re saying the same thing over and over), that might be the right choice.

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I’m saying the same thing over and over because people keep responding what other people have said. I don’t need any more exaggerated analogies to try to prove a point (candy crush, sports salaries, hunting).

Perhaps you can find just one or two more players who like the smaller alliance feel so you can consistently take down the 5*s allowing more rares to spawn.


Yes, that is a good idea and I think that’s what I plan to do. We will probably try to convince another friend to play and get us up to 5.

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Closing this topic by OP’s request.