Adjusted loot for different alliance sizes

Can we adjust the loot for different size alliances? I think it’s a restricting game style to only have 4* ascension items available to high level titans. I don’t like big alliances and I don’t want to be in one. I am in an alliance with 3 of my best friends and the 4 of us have a blast! 2 of us are experienced (~4200 team) and the other 2 are making their way through the game (~2500).

We usually take out 3-4* titans and that’s it. I used to get 4* mats when I was in a big alliance but I hated it. I hated the big wars, the constant stress of having to please all the members in good war and Titan hits, etc.

I find more enjoyment in a smaller knit alliance and I am more active in the game in a smaller alliance. I don’t like however that I have to sacrifice one of the most reliable ways to get a 4* mat in this game because I don’t want to play the same way everyone else does. I have never received a single 4* mat in the approximate 4 months since I’ve moved alliances.

Could there be a system where the game takes into account the average team power and number of players in an alliance and grants appropriate loot for specific titans. For example, if you have 4 members in an alliance, you wouldn’t have the opportunity to get that loot with a 2 or 3 star Titan, but you could with a 4*. I’m not saying that every 4* needs to drop a 4* mat, but it would be nice if it did here and there instead of going months and months without ever receiving one.

I love this game because there are many different ways to play and enjoy the game. I don’t want to be limited in play style to large alliances in order to get 4* mats.

Wouldn’t that reverse the whole motivation of alliances and alliance growth?

Why would i spend time recruiting 30 to kill 14s when i could hang with 3 people and kill 4s for the same loot?

Idk sounds like it goes against the intent of design in the game. No one needs to buy heroes or troops to kill 4* titans or win wars against opponents of less than 5 people

And for what it’s worth there are casual middle ground alliances that dont have pressure. Typically all they ask is that you hit the titan daily and use all flags in war IF you opt in. They’re typically on 9 to 12* titans which are much higher than 4*


Because some people want to play that way? Some people like the challenge of defeating the strongest Titan yet with the strongest alliance around. It makes wars that much more intense.

Some want to be in a large alliance. Some don’t. Some enjoy being in a solid core of people working together to advance through the game. That’s why I think the Titan loot should be adjusted to the overall alliance power and the number of users in it.

Plenty of games out there allow multiple play styles with different size alliances.

Happy for those other games but “because i think it’s a good idea and it benefits ME” isnt exactly a strong selling point for an idea

Might also add that according to Devs, the crackdown on mercs was to encourage alliance stability and growth within an alliance and reduce the amount of mats players get by not being in stable alliances or alliances at all

Want more rewards? Take on bigger challenges. I can’t personally imagine gaming for any other reason. If i wanted a game to have same outcome for all with no teamwork or pressure involved, I’d play candycrush on my smoke breaks. But i don’t cause it bores the crap out of crap for those very reasons.

But anyways, it’s your idea and you obviously feel strongly it’s a good one, more power to ya but unless there’s a profit to be made by it, good luck seeing it implemented. You asked why things work the way they do, i answered. Personally no sweat off my back if the game swings that way or not. If not, i keep gaming the way i do. If it does then i drop to a 4 man alliance for consistent A loot, less resource drain, better event ranks, and save money on buying ascension mat deals and heroes, and ultimately get bored to death and probly see candy crush as a step up…


Now that’s putting words in my mouth. I doubt I am the only person who plays this game that dislikes having to be in a large alliance. Would this benefit me? Absolutely! But I feel like you are creating a straw man argument by making it seem like I am selfish person who only wants to make this change to benefit ME. My best friends who I love being in a small tight-knit alliance in have similar feelings and I feel like many people would enjoy this too. It’s not like when my team goes to war, we are facing teams with 12+ people in it, we are also facing different alliances every time with about 3-5 people in their alliances too. Some people just enjoy playing that way.

There are already so many different ways to play and enjoy this game, I don’t think people should be restricted in their alliance size either.

Once again, I’m not saying that defeating a 4* Titan should give everyone in my team 4* mats. I would be happy if even just once a month, we got a rare 4* Titan that dropped a mat and that’s it. Then my friends and I can all hate each other over who was the lucky one who got it.

Wow what a melodramatic response with that candy crush monologue.

I find my challenges in different forms of the game like finding a great synergy among my alliance members in war and spending most of my time in raids.

Once again, I do not mean that defeating a 4* Titan should rain 4* mats everytime. It’s not a black or white answer. It needs to be balanced and it would still need to be rare to get.

Want balance? Put your big boy pants on, wipe the tears, take on bigger challenges

Everytime i try to be nice to someone…never pays off

I understand what you’re getting at but you also have to remember that stronger titans require a lot more mats to take down consistently. 14* and 13* require a lot of mana, time stops, tornadoes, asteroids, etc, for some players to score well consistently. 4* dont. Stronger titans require more effort so the rewards should be better. And even then it’s not like it’s raining 4* mats when we take down 14* titans.


What a mature response.

Here’s a thought - people have different opinions than you and enjoy games for different reasons.

I don’t want to be handed anything. I still want to grind for mats and hate myself as I spend a ■■■■ ton of time leveling up my heroes. I find a different satisfaction from you when it comes to alliances.

Some people want to chase the biggest and baddest Titan with 30 person teams. Some want the challenge of reaching a 6* Titan with 4 members only. Both are a challenge for different play styles. ONCE AGAIN, I don’t expect 4* mats to rain on my alliance by beating 4* Titan. But a rare 4* Titan every once in a while would be fun

This sums up the whole intent of design within this game. Been that way for 2+ yrs since day 1.

So if you knew that, then i really don’t understand how you see this as a sensible logical request…

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But you also have 20-30 people attacking those. Getting to a 5 or 6 star Titan is also a big challenge for 4 players.

That’s why I think they can scale the system for different alliance sizes. It’s not that hard.

1-4 players : receive a random rare Titan at Titan level 5

5-9 players: receive a random rare Titan at Titan level 9

Etc etc. those numbers may not be balances as I came up with it on the spot but I hope it gets my idea across

Rare titans start at 5*…

Ah well I didn’t know that. My team has only gotten to 5* a few times and none of them were rare.

Knowing that now, I guess I can scrap this entire thread and your candy crush monologues because for my alliance to reach a 5* Titan is a challenge for our alliance size

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And just as an fyi, rare titans dont guarantee that anybody will get the corresponding 4* mat. It improves your chances but the chance of actually getting it are still very low.

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And I’m fine with that! As long as I can have the opportunity to get one is great. At the moment, there isn’t even a 0.5% chance with the titans we face on the daily

After playing for as long as I have, I am used to rng and bad odds, but even with bad odds, I still have a chance and can get lucky here and there. I

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Well here’s my experience. I’ve been facing 13* and 14* since they came out. I’ve been playing this game for 1 year and 5 days. I’ve received the 4* mat from a rare titan 1 time.


Damn. That is rough mate. I was getting a 4* mat about every other month from titans when I was facing 8-10* titans in my old alliance.

I have not received an AM for a long time.

Titans 8-9 sometimes rare always A.

Once the two are over 2500 players over 3500, the titans are big enough.

Do not worry, be happy and enjoy the game.

Well maybe you’re just lucky. It is what it is. I’m just trying to show you that even players facing strong titans struggle with 4* mat drops. I know there is a difference between players facing 14* and players facing 4* but the disparity might not be as large as you think.

I’d say you should try adding 1 more player. There’s a lot of good players out there and it would elevate your alliance to 5* so you’re consistently getting 5* rares.


I’m in a solo alliance, but as long as i reflect your situation (experienced player, 4000+ TP, max 3* titans) and i would like better titan loot, i think i do not deserve it.

I like my style of playing, and same as you i do not want to stay in a competitive alliance.
Much more relaxed, and still in a way or another i can keep my pace.

But when i made this choice, i did know what i was giving up.
If you don’t desire a competitive group, you shouldn’t desire competitive rewards.
As @Rigs said, it totally goes on the opposite direction of the game meta (grow stronger, fight stronger enemies)

If you enjoy the game with a more relaxed approach… fine, i totally understand you.

But your request it’s like asking for amateur athlete to be payed the same as professional, just because they enjoy what they do but don’t wanna work hard as the others.

And if i have to say, if you wanna play “casual” you should not bother so much about rewards.