Adjust quest difficulty/rewards to cup levels



There have already been some topics regarding new quests because a great part of the old ones are on the one hand useless (get iron, get food, get crafting materials) for more experienced players and on the other hand boring as apart from he final level of Farholme, Mt. Umber et cetera most quests can be autoplayed with a good 4*/5* team.

Therefore, my idea would be to have different tiers of quests depending on the cup level of the player. For example:

  • Bronze and Silver players will get the quests as they are now.
  • Gold players will have a certain chance (let’s say 50 %) that a “common” quest becomes an “uncommon” quest of the same type and that an “uncommon” quest becomes a new “rare” quest of the same type (Recruits I can become Recruits II and Recruits II can become Recruits III with levels comparable to the last three levels of Farholme/Frostmarch/… and an amount of recruits/world energy substantially higher than the best map level for recruit farming)
  • Platinum players will always get “uncommon” quests instead of “common” ones, will have a high chance that “uncommon” quests become Tier III “rare” quests and a small chance that “uncommon” quests become Tier IV “epic” quests with very hard levels but great rewards so that it is both fun to play and useful also for advanced players - and much better than farming the good ole 8/7 :wink:
  • Diamond league players will also always get “uncommon” quests instead of “common” ones and will have even better chances at getting Tier III or IV quests than platinum players (and thus better rewards and more challenging levels).

The ascension materal quests are great as they are. The rewards are of course awesome and at least the last two levels have to be played and not run automatically. Thanks for having them every 7-10 days or so :slight_smile:

Oh, and please add quests for atlantis coins. Either new ones or - if my idea might get adapted some way - as reward in the last level of one of the less useful quests like “find gold”, “find iron” which are currently completely useless for advanced players.


As somebody at level 47 who’s playing in the diamond league, those suggestions seem legit to me. Vital for the more experienced players :man_juggling: