Adjust quest difficulty/rewards to cup levels

There have already been some topics regarding new quests because a great part of the old ones are on the one hand useless (get iron, get food, get crafting materials) for more experienced players and on the other hand boring as apart from he final level of Farholme, Mt. Umber et cetera most quests can be autoplayed with a good 4*/5* team.

Therefore, my idea would be to have different tiers of quests depending on the cup level of the player. For example:

  • Bronze and Silver players will get the quests as they are now.
  • Gold players will have a certain chance (let’s say 50 %) that a “common” quest becomes an “uncommon” quest of the same type and that an “uncommon” quest becomes a new “rare” quest of the same type (Recruits I can become Recruits II and Recruits II can become Recruits III with levels comparable to the last three levels of Farholme/Frostmarch/… and an amount of recruits/world energy substantially higher than the best map level for recruit farming)
  • Platinum players will always get “uncommon” quests instead of “common” ones, will have a high chance that “uncommon” quests become Tier III “rare” quests and a small chance that “uncommon” quests become Tier IV “epic” quests with very hard levels but great rewards so that it is both fun to play and useful also for advanced players - and much better than farming the good ole 8/7 :wink:
  • Diamond league players will also always get “uncommon” quests instead of “common” ones and will have even better chances at getting Tier III or IV quests than platinum players (and thus better rewards and more challenging levels).

The ascension materal quests are great as they are. The rewards are of course awesome and at least the last two levels have to be played and not run automatically. Thanks for having them every 7-10 days or so :slight_smile:

Oh, and please add quests for atlantis coins. Either new ones or - if my idea might get adapted some way - as reward in the last level of one of the less useful quests like “find gold”, “find iron” which are currently completely useless for advanced players.

As somebody at level 47 who’s playing in the diamond league, those suggestions seem legit to me. Vital for the more experienced players :man_juggling:


Makes a lot of sense, the system now must be fairly pointless for high level players a lot of the time


This thread needs a lot more love.

The rotating quests have been the same since ages. The already existing rare ones are great and should be kept as already mentioned. But many of the common and uncommon ones are pretty useless after two or three months of playing.

  • Farm Food: Someone who has maxed all farms + watchtower gets more food/hour than all three stages of the quest give. Farming 8/7 or other great farming levels gives a lot more recruits and mats at the same time

  • Mine Iron: Same here

  • Scavenge Resources: Same here, the coin at the end isn’t bad, but not worth 8 WE

→ Just get rid of them altogether for higher level players and offer more useful ones instead: Find Atlantis coins for instance or have an epic troop token at the end of a “Scavenge Resources II” quest.

  • Gain Experience: Some players seem to love to level up more quickly, so useful for some

→ Keep it but add a Gain Experience II or III for advanced players to get even more experience (altogether and per WE) but have a lot harder monsters to fight.

  • Find Crafting Items I/II: not really worth the world energy as the rewards are too tiny.

→ For the more common materials just throw out 7 or so, for the midnight roots 4 or 5 and add tier III for advanced players where grimore dust, dragon bones and orichalcum can be gathered. I do not need

  • Find Battle Items I/II: tier I is crap, tier II pretty nice. Super mana potions for instance are pretty expensive to craft. If somebody uses them regularly, already the super mana potions are worth several food quests + crafting mat quest for the midnight roots

→ Improve tier I or get rid of it for silver+ players and maybe introduce a rare tier with tornardoes and time stops :smile:

  • Find Recruits I/II: the epic troop coin, if available, is awesome. Otherwise, apart from the first stage, it is like playing 8/7 with much fewer materials.

→ Keep Recruits II, but let advanced players have a tier III instead of tier I. Hard but a lot of recruits (considerably better that the 3/WE in 8/7) to win. Oh, and keep the occasional epic troop token :+1:

  • Collect gems: great, in particular for F2P/C2P, but the extra gems are almost not noticable

→ Collect Gems III and IV would be awesome. Beginners are already happy when they get a good 3* hero, advanced players need multiple summons in order to get a hero that improves their team. Therefore, the value of gems decreases in later stages of the game. More gems to get from higher tiers would be awesome.

  • Collect Atlantis coins

Not implemented yet, but would be aaaaaaaaaaaawesome :smiley:


I like this idea in terms of seeing a higher difficulty, players will want greater rewards as well so I’m wondering what they would be? It can’t be ascension materials.

Maybe lots of supplies (oil, ore, or steel) so we can build harpoons to kill titans? They would still be common materials, we’d just get more of them, to support the new titan equipment.

I have recently leveled up enough to feel as though many quests aren’t worth the WE.

Anyone else interested in seeing more Quests for advanced players?