Adjust Prices in Iran Based on Exchange Rate Changes

thanx for your awesome game …im living in iran …in my country you have very famouse and have thousand players …but 6 month ago every dollar in my country just was 3800 toman and now its 12000 …so very hard to buy gems …but i like your game and want fight until the end …please help us alittle …kaybe chance to pull event hero …or good offer …i know its hard for you …and i understand but i just want say its not fair …all members from all the world can enjoy of your game and our people just try harder than before every minute …tnx … i hope this game continue for immortal and after …

First of all, I have to thank the new event for the hero of the months. It was great. Of course, we didn’t have a chance to get it :(.

Today, I was thinking about the shortcomings of the game in the quest section … Why don’t you put any steps in the game where the prizes are Titan flasks? I think the space for the quests is very empty. And everyone needs it Many Titans are not killed because they do not have flags and flasks. And it’s one of the best parts of the game. Please place a step in the quest section with the Flask Awards We only have a blue flask there. But you really need red flasks and purple flasks. Please set a stage only once a month so that it is not too easy to kill Titan

The second point I don’t know if you know The value of my country’s currency is now lower in the world And buying in the game is very expensive. for example $ 5 is equal to 100,000 tomans Expensiveness has become very high in my country. You have a lot of Iranians in the game Make it a little easier to get prizes … because they are so expensive to buy I previously suggested that you add Persian to the game. You have set the Arabic language. Please add Persian as well.

I will send you a picture in the next email about the reward of the path of valor section. I think it will make this part more interesting.

Please be sure to see and review the photo in my next email that I am sending you today or tomorrow.
We wish the best for you


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